Thursday, August 18, 2016

The CSA will look at “The Street of allocs”, the controversial docu-reality M6 – francetv info

“The Street of allocs” she has something to reproach himself? After the broadcast of the first two episodes of the controversial docu-reality M6 on poverty in a neighborhood of Amiens ( Somme) , the Higher Audiovisual Council (CSA) announced on Thursday 18 August have opened a file on it after he has received several reports of users.

Wednesday, Fnars (national Federation of reception and reintegration associations) had asked the CSA to intervene “to suspend the publication” program “shameful and stigmatizing facing social distress experienced nearly 8 million poor people in France” . The “PAF’s policeman” had raised an objection of inadmissibility to the application, stating not be able to “intervene before the broadcast of a program” .

Adapted from “Benefits Street,” a British show, the series “captures the reality” a group of residents of Saint-Leu, one of the poorest of Amiens ( Somme), hit by the 2008 crisis, explained its director Stéphane Munka. Saint-Leu knows “an unemployment rate of nearly 40%” (against 19% for Amiens), he says. “most” of the people “living allowances, the sometimes doing, and are struggling to make ends meet” , said the docu-reality.

the press was generally critical of the program. L’Humanité , who spent Wednesday a two-page titled “Tele-bin” , says the camera “love to see them often packed. The poor drinking and the poor quality beer, you need to know. ” Daily Libération headline for its part “poor like alcohol and tuning” . In fact, most of the first episode speakers are filmed hand beer cans, obviously in a state close to intoxication.

The director who worked for “Special Investigation” on Canal +, or “Infrared” on France 2, said “understand these reactions” . But “what do I do when I have 80% of people who drink? I understand the debate, but how to solve this, I’m censorship?” he asks. “The real speech doc is that unemployment destroyed” , adds Stéphane Munka. “This is the banal images of despair” , marginalized people, deprived of an active lifestyle.

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