Wednesday, August 31, 2016

“Divine” explosive feminist chronic or too rough first attempt? – Télé

Two little girls cities welded against the world. Sensation at Cannes, the film Houda Benyamina divides our writing.


mouflettes commuter chat and rage to live pegged to the body, we saw a lot, from the Dodge Abdellatif Kechiche to Strip girls Celine Sciamma. But the two little girls of divine do not look at themselves. Together they form a vortex, passing at full speed from comic to tragic and social chronicle the high voltage thriller. The director recovers and brews all the clichés lying at the foot of the cities to make something surprisingly new, fresh and unique. Nothing in their appearance, and inseparable Dounia Maimounia perpetually sorry marauding in their neighborhood, stand out from the common lot. The first, hiding her beauty under shapeless jackets male, is so tiny, tense and upset the latter is big, beefy, soft and enveloping. The film takes the time to make us live and enjoy their friendship for life and death, as do experiments until adolescence. Videos on cell phone in various rowdiness, welded against the world, they play the postage in a more harsh environment they, and they naively aspire to conquer. Their innocence is disguised as daring.

Dounia, who lives with a clueless mother stuck in a slum between the towers and the highway, wants to take the shortest way out of poverty. “Money, money, money,” Again she constantly. magic mantra gateway to a lot of trouble, and so, for the director to suggest the harmful power of the ultra-liberal imagination. Dounia decided, therefore, to get hired by the boss of the corner: Rebecca … This is another strength of the film as dangerous and cracked as the first male trafficker came, Rebecca aggressively use of all weapons of manhood , violence, postures and charisma included. This inversion of genres, playful and swollen, resulting in an unforgettable replicas, such that “You, you’re the clit! “ launched by the band leader to salute the courage of Dounia. Moreover, the most “feminine” role, in the mirror of history, is held by a boy, passionate dance, which comes Dounia contemplate secretly repetitions. This budding love story suggests another solution to the tyranny of money, an emergency exit by art. It might be naive, but those scenes, brilliantly choreographed, forcefully express the desire, the dream and the taming.

As he plunges into the darkness of polar, he closes the trap on his heroines, divine loses some of its originality. It remains, nonetheless, one of the revelations of the year, thanks to the incredible talent of its young performers. In the role of Dounia, unknown, Oulaya Amamra, fills the screen: a great actress has been born. – Cecile Mury


It is quiet. Every year now, the critics rave about amateur movies whose enthusiasm lieu of talent. This was the case of Donoma in 2011 Djinn Carrénard, whose second feature, FLA , was a disaster … This September is divine which makes the buzz after qu’Houda Benyamina on stage in Cannes, where she received the Camera d’or (best first film festival), launched in charge of the fortnight, which had selected the replica shock of his film “you got clit, man! “ divine is also nice, so generous it. But very slow, in fact, in his artificial anger. Repetitive … The copy scenario (not very good) Strip Girls Celine Sciamma. And the staging remains approximate, if it’s nice, or invisible, if one is lucid. One can, therefore, go to divine for lots of reasons: social, political, prophetic, feminists … But certainly not cinematic. – Pierre Murat


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