Tuesday, August 30, 2016

VIDEO. Plagiarized by “Le Petit Journal”, the designer meets Salch (and it hurts) – 20minutes.fr

TELEVISION Canal + has “inspired” the Salch designer work for the promotion of ” Petit Journal “and would perhaps not have …

Extract from the picture published on Instagram “Petit Journal” – Canal +

You’ve all seen past on your Facebook wall. The drawings and “shit looks” Eric Salch often invite on social networks, and everyone takes for his rank: bear, TV host, taxi driver, press designer, whistleblower, Chinese in Paris, Darth Vader without the helmet, etc. It’s vulgar, and often funny free. He even pulled a book, released in spring Editions Fluid Glacial


& gt; & gt; Canal +: The chain unveils its fall schedule

However, the new Diary was inspired by his work for a post codes and the “look return “of its new leader Cyrille Eldin. Maybe it was a tribute. Not for the person who speaks of a “big son of pumping * beep *”. After expressing his anger on Twitter, Eric Salch responded in his own way, for the drawing. He has designed and published Monday crappy look of mind Canal 2016:. “Costume easy to return,” “mouth to pump Bolloré and ideas” and other names of birds

So that it is not even on the air from Monday, September 5 at 19:35, Le Petit Journal already experiencing a difficult comeback, with
 a risky coupon and a new presenter who hardly unanimous. Since his head throne on the Facebook page of the issue,
 the number of subscribers is endless decrease



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