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When Sonia Rykiel inspired the Ready-to-wear Robert Altman – Le Figaro

VIDEO – In 1995, the American director was inspired by the deceased stylist today to draw up a film without mercy on the very particular world of fashion. The ‘Queen of Knitwear “was even played his own role.

The great seamstress Sonia Rykiel died this morning in Paris at the age of 86. Founder of the eponymous fashion house, and dubbed the “Queen of Knitwear” as réinventrice the sweater she was an icon in the world of fashion from the sixties.

In a multidisciplinary aura, the inventor of the “out of style” illustrated works of Colette, participated in the interior decoration of Crillon (1972) and the Lutetia (1985), including a novel published and children’s stories …

The cinema, too, comes to her. Director Robert Altman for his feature film Ready-to-wear (1995) generously inspired his character. The film, shot during the fashion week in Paris tends -on background thriller- to restore the atmosphere of this ecosystem, highlighting the many through such industry.

Forest  Whitaker and Anouk Aim & # xe9 e xe in Pr  & #; t - & # xE0;-wear (1995)

Forest Whitaker and Anouk Aimée in Ready-to-wear (1995) Photo Credits:

the muse and star

for several days, the American filmmaker has just rotate in the premises of the house Sonia Rykiel. The actress Anouk Aimée, who plays Simone Lowenthal, an international creative exceeded by misaligned fashion world, was inspired directly from the dressmaker to build his character.

She wanders around a crowd of players all the more eccentric than others: Kim Basinger and Julia Roberts overexcited journalists, Lauren Bacall outdated muse overtaken by a new generation, Forest Whitaker in extravagant designer, Chiara Mastroianni as a young trainee, Jean and Michel Blanc Rocherfort inspectors .. .

But the French designer also had to play its own role in Altman, proof of its influence as a fashion symbol. Like her, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Christian Lacroix and Thierry Mugler appear.

“A crazy world”

French actress about her role, admitted to the BBC in March 1995 that “In a crazy world, I am the only person who has the head on his shoulders. ”
few months earlier, the Figaro Madame collected about Sonia Rykiel, the muse, and Anouk Aimee, the star. Excerpts

Sonia Rykiel . “The film is above all a farce, funny and clownish on fashion background. Robert Altman, who with his wife had attended home ten years ago, for the first time at a fashion show, was fascinated by the theatrical aspect, the eccentric thing. ”

Anouk Aim  & # xe9 e (& # xE0; left) and Sonia  Rykiel pose for Le Figaro madame in 1995.

Anouk Aimée (left) and Sonia Rykiel pose for Le Figaro Madame in 1995 .

Anouk Aimée then reminds the designer that it was she who had decided to commit to play himself, the two women like in their “behavior” as in their “ideas”

Sonia Rykiel . “Anouk is a remarkable actress, disorder, strange, mysterious and at the same time in reality. Fragile and strong. Like me, it’s true. This is certainly how I feel [...] If I had dreamed of being an actress, she is I would have liked to be. ”

The designer adds that the actress was the one dressed as Rykiel because “it is the only major character in the film, because we had an image of women both serious and attractive.”

A “viewfinder” on Mode

The film, for many, is summed up in a scathing attack against the world of fashion. He was also at the time copiously criticized by many luminaries from this microcosm.

The director of Nashville Elle magazine explaining the year of the film that Sonia and daughter worked together for a long time on the project; in contrast to influential people such as Karl Lagerfeld, Valentino or John Fiarchild who had “taken the wrong idea” and “tried to dissuade the others.”

Sonia Rykiel to reply, a few pages later: “[The eye of Robert Altman] is a wonderful sight that reframes reality with humor, wisdom, cruelty, but also great generosity. I am happy to have contributed with Nathalie [her daughter] and my team, as it penetrates the film and fashion world. In this one to be strong enough to withstand the gaze of its creators a talented observer “.


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