Sunday, August 21, 2016

Fear the Walking Dead of the Experts: Cyber, 5 spin-offs should be avoided – TV

Canal + Series resumes this Sunday 21 August the distribution of Fear the Walking Dead . If at the end of the first season the faithful were rather convinced, the first part of the second season left orphaned many fans of a quality that seems lost. Maybe Part 2 manage to save the day.

Fear the Walking Dead is far from the first spin-off series to disappoint the fans. It stands on top of the five spin-offs that would never have seen the day

1. – Fear the Walking Dead

Six seasons of the Walking Dead have managed to convince a community of fans. Action, tension, emotion, there is everything to satisfy the desires of the audience. Fear the Walking Dead has failed to find the same stuff that made the success of The Walking Dead. And too many zombie zombie kills …

2 – Criminal Minds: unity without borders

It is hard to be convinced by the intrigues of the spin-off of Criminal Minds . The problem also remains in the characters that do not show as much interest as Derek Morgan and Spencer Reid

3 – CSI:. Cyber ​​

Driven by Patricia Arquette, the umpteenth variation has struggled to find an audience of faithful. Falsely modern in shape, slightly tacky on the bottom, it was the spin-off too for CSI

& gt;. & Gt; & gt; End of CSI: Cyber ​​and end a franchise worship

4 – Once upon a time in a Wonderland

Crossover between Alice in land of wonder s and the original series Once Upon a Time , the US distribution of this spin-off has gathered disappointing hearings. In France, it has never been released, it remains available on demand. If the original idea is appealing, the result is disappointing as the plot is underdeveloped compared to many possibilities

5 – Criminal Minds. Parallel unit

This time, criminal Minds tried to focus on behavioral science through a team of profilers based in San Francisco. While not inherently bad, the series failed to place the intrigues around charismatic characters.

& gt; & gt; & gt; Criminal Minds: after his dismissal, Thomas Gibson is registered with Twitter to express


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