Thursday, August 18, 2016

Rue des allocs: a shameful image to Amiens? The mayor reacts – TV

Airing last night in prime time on M6, La Rue des allocs is not unanimous among viewers. Strongly criticized on social networks – it was notably accused of “misery” – the show gave a voice to residents of Saint-Leu in Amiens. Contacted by us Brigitte Fouré , the mayor, spoke about the controversy raised by the issue

& gt;. & Gt ; & gt; The street of allocs: before the CSA, M6 maintains the broadcast Wednesday night

“It is undeniable that there is a level of poverty in the district of Saint-Leu . Moreover, in recent months, it is classified as a priority area under the city policy “ explains at first the first magistrate of Amiens. “But La Rue des allocs is a reality TV show … with its advantages and disadvantages” continues the elected IDU.

In fact, the mayor of the metropolis Picardy says “shared about the program” . “It reveals that there are people in great difficulty in Amiens, but that I have not found out last night, I’m on the field, I do … But there hotlines certain voyeuristic aspects. There are emission cuts that are not very respectful of the dignity of the people, if I believe what I read on social networks “ she continues.

“the bias of the show is to give voice to the people. it also limits” concludes Brigitte Fouré. For his part, Patrick Kanner, Minister of the City, denounced the “indecency” program that would stage “moral misery.” Really, The Street of allocs can not be ignored.


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