Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Case Wolf of Wall Street: DiCaprio interviewed by the FBI – Le Figaro

According to The Hollywood Reporter, American actor could be involved in an embezzlement that would have served the Scorsese film financing.

Leonardo DiCaprio he participated indirectly in an embezzlement when financing the film in which he starred, the Wolf of Wall Street ? The actor has in any case been questioned as part of an FBI investigation. According to the US magazine The Hollywood Reporter, the production of the feature film appear as part of a lawsuit brought by the Federal Department of the United States which aims to recover one billion dollars hijacked Malaysian sovereign fund 1MDB (1Malaysia Development Berhad).

Three years after the film’s release, federal justice tries to disentangle the financial package of the film that would involve his producer, Riza Aziz, who is none other than the Prime son-in Malaysian prime Minister Najib Razak, who is the main beneficiary of this détournnement funds. Co-founder of Red Granite Company, Aziz is accused of using the money from the Malaysian taxpayer to finance the blockbuster in which Leonardo DiCaprio portrays Jordan Belfort, a New York trader lawless! When reality meets fiction. The Swiss newspaper Time also argues that this producer maintains a close friendship with the Hollywood actor.

Even if DiCaprio not yet been prosecuted for other criminal proceedings have been launched worldwide. Particularly in Switzerland by the Bruno Manser Fund, which defends the rainforest in Malaysia. According to Lukas Straumann, its founder, “Leonardo DiCaprio has to apologize and return the money received had been stolen the Malaysian people.” Money which, moreover, would have been used, according to the assertions of th e Hollywood Reporter , to hold lavish celebrations during the filming of Wolf Wall Street or even a few naughty transferred from the Las Vegas side.

The Deputy Attorney General Leslie Caldwell, before announcing the temporary seizure of the proceeds of the film, said in the preamble of this lawsuit: “The Malaysian population has not seen a penny of profits of the film. This money went into the pockets of relatives and associates of corrupt officials 1MDB. “

In a statement, the Riza Aziz production company says it wants to cooperate with the Department of Justice. But she dispute the facts of embezzlement, “To the knowledge of Red Granite, no part of the funding received it four years ago, is illegal. And there is nothing in the record to suggest that Red Granite knew otherwise. “

Leonardo DiCaprio himself had praised Red Granite thanking all” the production team “for taking” risk on this film. ” Risk maybe calculated. Scandal proof that American actor, he chose to withdraw from the fund-raiser for the Democratic candidate for the US presidency, Hillary Clinton. For, he says, a “conflict agenda” …


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