Monday, August 22, 2016

Lindsay Lohan wants to meet Putin – Le Figaro

The actress 30 years will soon participate in a Russian television show. On this occasion, the woman requires to meet the Russian president … under his conditions as are unreal.

The American actress Lindsay Lohan wants meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in exchange for participating in a television show in Russia, announced Monday the host of the show.

Lindsay Lohan “has indeed want to meet Russian President” assured the popular site Life News Andrey Malakhov, talk show host Let them talk on the public channel Pervy Kanal , confirming the information published in the American media. “I do not know what she wants to talk to him the protection of Amur tigers or problems encountered by those addicted to drugs,” he added.

Lindsay Lohan, 30, known for her roles in movies Freaky Friday , In the skin of my mother , The Parent Trap and Mean Girls , followed repeatedly detoxification because of his drug addiction.

The US site TMZ said last week that the actress was invited to participate in the Mr. Malakhov issue and had requested a compensation of 500,000 British pounds (about 580,000 euros) to the string Pervy Kanal , and a meeting and photo session with Vladimir Putin, a private plane for his trip to Russia and a Russian visa for one year. “The amount of compensation requested was a bit more modest,” says Mr. Malakhov however.

“I also want to earn 80 million per year and dine with the Queen of England, but dreams and reality are different things, “he said, calling Lindsay Lohan to have” a more sober view of the situation. “

a spokesman for the string Pervy Kanal on Sunday confirmed the public agency RIA Novosti that the actress had indeed been invited to participate in the show, but said that the conditions were still the subject of discussion and arguing that the information TMZ “did not correspond to reality.” Russian TV would interview him about his relationship with her Russian fiance, Egor Tarabassov that Lindsay Lohan accused of violence against her.

In 2010, Vladimir Putin met with actor Leonardo DiCaprio during a summit on the protection of Amur tigers, but was unable to maintain this year with British singer Elton John on gay rights because of his busy schedule.


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