Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Divine: Oulaya Amamra determined and promising actress – L’Express

It’s been weeks since the vibrant lights of Cannes became extinct, but Oulaya Amamra still has stars in his eyes. With Divine, she lived a (nice) family history. Because it is under the direction of his sister, Huda Benyamina, it fills the screen, in the skin of Dounia, wildflower commuter rage pegged to the body. This same big sister who is at the origin of his vocation. “I got on the stage at age 12, at the MJC where she was teacher, because she lacked students.”

Just before discovering The Imaginary Invalid at the Comedie-French. “Coming out, I said to myself that one day I would be there.” Houda, big sister, is still present. Through its association thousand faces, it will allow many young commuter access to the world of cinema through immersion courses.

“I found myself doing the sound, the control and even made my first short.” It is always with Thousand faces she teaches the cast of Three times Manon Jean-Xavier de Lestrade. She gets the role.

Between physical power and fragility

All this before divine where, this time, Houda was no help. Quite the contrary. “She refused to speak to me of the movie she wrote.” So she steals him the script insists, but her sister still do not listen. “Dounia, with its appearance of a man living on the street, was the opposite of me, good student in a Catholic school and practicing ballet. But what does being an actress, otherwise get into the skin of another?” So it forces the door cast. “I did everything to convince: boxing, the Ab … and even get fired from my high school!” His desire will be due to the reluctance of his sister.

After a meningitis that leaves KO Shortly before the shooting, she launched headlong into this adventure when his physical power contrasts beautifully with moments of great fragility. In the process, she picks up the tray and the Conservatory entrance exam. The Comédie-French seems more than ever an accessible dream. His eyes did not shine finish.

divine , Houda Benyamina with Oulaya Amamra, Deborah Lukumuena, Jisca Kalvanda … Released: August 31


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