Denis  Brogniart and new adventurers & # Xab, Koh  Lanta & # Xbb d & # xe9; barquent Friday  August 26 & # XFB; t on TF1
Denis Brogniart and new adventurers of “Koh Lanta” landed this Friday, August 26th on TF1 – © A.ISSOCK / STARFACE / ALP / TF1
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You will take back a second tour of Koh-Lanta ? Friday at 20 h 55, just three months after last season, the survival program arrives again
 TF1. A first in the history of the show, since no two anonymous seasons had been released in the same year. So tonight, ten women and ten new new men will be willing to brave the elements and vice shots of their classmates. But what does this 16th season? Fans do they risk not to brush overdose? And above all, adventurers with a capital A will they finally return in the survival program

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A big novelty (though not revolutionary)

“The important thing in Koh-Lanta , is to keep the basic but have the ability to surprise, “said Denis Brogniart during the presentation conference of the season 16 of the show. And in September, Denis and Alexia Laroche-Joubert (new President of ALP, the production company of Koh-Lanta but Fort Boyard ), we offer a new size:
 the immunity ring. A precious document that can send presto one of the candidates in the final, at least in the dreaded orientation test.

But frankly, given the complexity of the process to find the damn ring, not sure that adventurers will succeed. As for the finding, they must complete an orientation course frappadingue ten steps on the famous “Treasure Island” in just 24 hours. eternal respect to the one who picks up the pompom. In short, the new risk indeed to spice up the game, but there is a strong possibility that our adventurers give up faced with the difficulty of the challenge.

Candidates very promising

three months ago, Wendy boxer North won the final of Koh-Lanta face
 truculent Pascal. A season 15 was worth the look, but not enough to wake up at night either. Because let’s be honest, all candidates that stood out a tad of others – except of course Pascal – the Lolo, Amir, Cassandra, Karima, Julien … have been eliminated quickly in favor of adventurers very friendly, but not Folichons necessarily. Result, a nice bright season but a bit monotonous.

But Koh-Lanta has not said its last word! Denis our promises even “effectively cast with diametrically opposed reactions and strategies to the previous season.” And among the gaggle of new candidates (to be discovered above in the pretty pictures) are very big potential. Even heavy. In the family “I bet I make myself hate very quickly”, here the first two strong headers of the season, Jean-Luc and Sophie.

Jean-Luc and Sophie
Jean-Luc and Sophie – © A.ISSOCK / STARFACE / ALP / TF1

while Sophie (a commercial 48 years) seems to say what she thinks of his classmates (not that good) Jean-Luc (a biker 50) plays for his map of the loudmouth, crude dude stripping. In other words, players that we will love to hate. In the “make or break” up to Jeremy and Julie:

J & # xe9; r & # xe9; my Julie
Jeremy and Julie – © A.ISSOCK / STARFACE / ALP / TF1

in short, Jeremy has a small profile “daddy son”, for Julie … This dental assistant for 38 years may marvel. A worthy fairytale princess, Julie sings, cries in front of the wonderful sunsets and speaks to the moon to send messages of love to her beloved husband awaits near Perpignan. A nugget. For others, this season offers us a big amount of arms (Lo and Freddy particular) and confirmed sports (Candice, wakeboard champion judoka or Laurent), the competition will be fierce.

The Teheiura and Freddy grass?

If no abandonment were reported this season, will the new adventurers finally make us forget the hero of the show, among other Teheiura, Freddy, and Gregory Christina? In terms of adventure and survival, season 15 could have received zero points. No cabin so slightly developed, few real fighters (except Karima), and the fishing beside nothingness. Because it’s nice to reach the end of the adventure, but it’s not enough. Fans of the program want superheroes during tests, Machiavellian strategists, heirs of Mike Horn … From the game, what! All we can say after watching the first episode that will air tonight is that adventurers have nia, and that’s something, right? So fingers crossed and see you tonight at 20 h 55 to Koh-Lanta. Treasure Island