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Amber Heard, Johnny Depp: The underside of a heated divorce – Le Figaro

The break between actor Pirates of the Caribbean and actress and model hit the headlines all summer. Deciphering the scenes often not very shining separation in the form of “media blitzkrieg”.

The sulphurous Amber Heard has decidedly not finished talking to her. Three days after dropping all prosecutions for domestic violence against Johnny Depp and divorced in exchange for $ 7 million (€ 6.1 million), the American actress has announced in a statement that transferred it the full sum to the two institutions.

this is first of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), an almost centenary American association that defends including battered women and Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, the largest pediatric hospital in southern California. In this press release, it argues that the amount paid will be exactly 7 million dollars, which does not seem quite fair. In the agreements of the divorce, it is stipulated that the sum effect paid by Johnny Depp should also be used to pay fees Amber Heard lawyers.

In Hollywood, the advice is not really philanthropists it is therefore likely that the amount actually paid to these two charities is more in the order of $ 6 million. It is not serious but is a more detailed showing Amber Heard is a young woman anything but precise.

Amber Heard is its picture

However, this announcement has surprised many. The stars, including France, often promise to donate their damages to charity but in fact, they never provide evidence and few journalists to go check.

These payments are to be credited for the young actress and American model. But it is especially the evidence that Amber Heard is its image. Now it is at its lowest, which is a bad sign for the future of his career. At present, it will be difficult to sign advertising contracts with brands glamorous and she will have even more difficulty finding meaningful roles in Hollywood. In the US, critics are many and it is obvious that its media strategy by bashing interposed against Johnny Depp was a miscalculation.

An ad that has the effect of a bomb

It all started in late May, just after the Cannes Film Festival. After fifteen months of marriage, Amber Heard Johnny Depp accused of domestic violence and published on the Internet several photographs taken almost showing red markings near the eye and down his cheek. According Amber Heard, the actor would have hit him with his Iphone. The announcement had the effect of a bomb. The court prohibited Johnny Depp to approach the young woman allows it to remain in the marital home but rejects his request for financial compensation in the amount of $ 50 000 (!) Per month. Less than a week later, new twist: this time, Amber Heard for divorce for “irreconcilable differences.”

Although wealthy, Johnny Depp married the young woman without a marriage contract, the financial stakes are huge. While Hollywood is holding its breath. The timing is right. Johnny Depp is in a weak position. His latest film, family blockbuster Alice through the looking glass with Johnny Depp headlining comes the same week. Worldwide.

The Walt Disney Co. has invested $ 170 million in production and at least as much in marketing. A family film marred by domestic violence charges, it is not good. Traded, Disney makes a face: the strong yet entertaining film only brings $ 292 million in worldwide box office with only 77 in the United States.

Suspicion, lies and face hidden

At the outset, the bloodhounds of the formidable American people site TMZ investigation suspect the woman to lie. For four months, they will dismantle one by one the arguments Amber Heard. It describes a night of drinking when she had to call the police emergency because Johnny Depp would have knocked at their marital home? TMZ journalists who have excellent sources within the LAPD, discovering that the police came that night found no injuries on the woman. The guards Johnny Depp body have certainly testified to the same effect but they are employees of the actor, their statement is less neutral.

particularly rude Editing

Still, the day of filing the complaint before the court, the young woman appears disturbing red marks on his face. But the next day, pictured at a Hollywood party, these brands seem to have disappeared. That said, the pictures are not clear: the long hair of the young woman hiding half her face. TMZ also surprised by the timing: Amber Heard went to war 48 hours after the death of the mother of Johnny Depp.

In the evening of the arrival of the police in the marital home, she also declined to press charges. Then over the weeks to support his accusations, the young woman and her entourage multiply media leaks with various content (emails, video, photos …) that it is never certain that they are authentic. The mounting of the short film posted late August where Amber Heard secretly filming a fight with Johnny Depp is particularly rude. Johnny Depp’s lawyers were surprised several times that these “proofs” circulating in the media but are never filed in the case of judges of divorce.

media blitzkrieg

We probably will never know if Amber Heard has really been beaten regularly by her ex-husband. The power of Johnny Depp advice is not to underestimate. Their defense will certainly not stop the public testimony of the relatives of the actor as the open letter from the mother of his children, Vanessa Paradis.

In late August, after four months of media blitzkrieg, lawyers for the woman preferred to sign an amicable agreement rather than seeing their client swear on the honor court. They also agreed the payment of a minimum amount. Seven million dollars given the heritage of Johnny Depp, it’s almost a tip. Amber Heard’s case will set a precedent. It is not sure she has rendered service to all women in the future ask the divorce to domestic violence.


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