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A Aurillac, the festival wakes up with a hangover – francetv info

A revival in the pouring rain … This Saturday, August 19 at dawn, the sky Aurillac decided to shower a little morale festival.

The night before, a hundred people braved riot police for more than an hour instead of the Carmelites. street furniture burned, fire before a mutual, throwing projectiles … most traces have been erased by the technical services during the night, but we still mark some broken elements in the decor. Especially in the early morning, the safety device and filter pedestrians against lequels was the manifestation disappeared. More barriers, more excavations at the entrance. Only vehicles were still prevented from entering and subject to control . [Update: late morning, municipal services resettled barriers and the device]

“for us, the festival was marred yesterday …”

Jo holds a bar and restaurant two blocks from the site of the Carmelites. She tells her evening: “twenty people masked arrived in my street, tear were launched terrace guests stood up and are ran away without paying, children took refuge in the restaurant … the police told us to all go, people helped us to get the equipment. for us, the festival was marred yesterday … “ beyond the economic loss ( . “30 seats when we actually 220 usual .. ), the disappointment is wider: ” I wish above all for the image of the festival! It’s not that, street theater, we we love this festival, it’s such a nice event! “

In the night, the state departments gave their version of events “we had a hundred young thugs who wanted to undermine the safety device had been set up for the benefit of festivalgoers and artists in the context of the terrorist threat and vigipirate plan ‘ said Jean-François Bauvois, Chief of staff of the prefect of Cantal at the microphone of our teams. “These thugs get violently attacked the police, private security guards and the urban furniture. What happened is very damaging. We can only regret the abuses that we have seen this afternoon. “

Initially, a peaceful rally against” the festival caging “

According to testimonies collected on site, all started from a protest rally against the closure of the city center by fences and the obligatory dig into it. Encountered on site, part of the organizers assure us that the word the starting order was peaceful the watchword. “Aurillac does not caged” the reasons for the anger. “ not threatening but protective grids”, ” safe illusion “,” media hypocrisy “and the” militarization of the streets. “ for the protesters, ” police presence has generated tensions, changed the tone of the festival “

the rest is history. some demonstrators decided to join the action to the word, trying to force safety device

festival-goers shared conviction and. questioning

In the night, the information circulated among the festival goers. According passers met the cotoie disappointment questions about the security issue …

Olivier regrets the violence: “that leaves me a bit in limbo I can understand that the issue of freedoms questions, but. I’m not sure this approach is the most relevant for lead serene responses that allow togetherness and cohesion. and I think all the teams that worked on the festival is a lot of mess. ”

This is the majority opinion: “It’s a shame, it just spoils the event …” says a spectator. “It’s a little disaster for Aurillac. It’s a shame because there are beautiful things to see!” says another. “It’s a shame because they kill their freedom of space by doing this … usual, everyone cotoie and support!” A retired couple came to see a show laments: “We stayed traders for 27 years in Aurillac, we never had a problem, it’s the first time!”

security Too much or not enough?

Above all, the fighting has reopened the debate about the heavy security device which set fire to the powder.

are the many people who approve: “! if they do not want security, they did not come to” launches a festival. “They had to do something for the security otherwise we would have criticized them for doing nothing …”

Others have doubts about the usefulness these controls: “they secure the city center but not outlying sites where there is also the world … And then a city … how you want it to be sealed?” another festival Note: “even when we feel that it is not the same cilmat … it creates tension, anxiety, this device” . A third is more settled. “it’s good that people decide not to be submissive and docile and they protest spontaneously and autonomously Their controls, it was windy, hardly opens the bag, we put what we want in “

we’ll leave the last word to G. (who will not give his name): “! must be careful not to reduce the festival to this! ” In the morning, several companies gave him reason playing their shows, despite the rain. Some are considering an artistic happening to meet them so it happened.


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