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“Top Gun”: this looks like the cast today – Le Point


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It is confirmed, Tom Cruise will don his new bomber jacket for a Top Gun 2 highly anticipated. Judging by its recent surges in Mission: Impossible 5 , the actor, who has always been keen to make his own stunts, should not be too difficult to resume air service despite its new wrinkles. As the producer of this future album, “there is no Top Gun without Maverick, Maverick and it will be playing the role of Maverick. The rest of the cast of 1986, however, can probably not be said.

Once revered for his athletic body, Val Kilmer now displays a beautiful overweight, while his comrades share baldness and white hair. The girls side, Meg Ryan confirms that cosmetic surgery is never a good idea … If 29 years logically leave traces, some may need to take advice from Arnold Schwarzenegger proves this month in the fifth episode of Terminator that one can be “old but not obsolete ‘provided

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Terminator The interpreter has found the perfect answer to meet the reaction of one of his admirer hostile to gay marriage.

Since the legalization by the Supreme Court, Friday, June 27, gay marriage in the United States, the reactions of celebrities have multiplied. On social networks (Twitter, Facebook) are the many personalities have changed their profile photo adopting the multicolored flag, symbol of the LGBT movement.

These include celebrities including Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Governor (Republican) of the State of California and Terminator interpreter. He brought repeatedly support the LGBT movement and claimed that the legalization of gay marriage was “the right decision”.

On Twitter and Facebook, the reactions of some fans opposed to gay marriage n ‘ were quick. Many netizens and asked him to change his profile picture. Another asked: “What’s wrong with you Arnie? I’ll have unliker “. The Schwarzenegger’s response was not long in coming, sober, assassinates “hasta la vista” in reference to his famous reply of Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

Screenshot Facebook


Arnold Schwarzenegger: “Terminator changed my career!” – Screenrush

Meeting with actor Arnold Schwarzenegger on the occasion of the theatrical release of Terminator Genisys. The star recalls reading the script of the first film in 1984, the worldwide success of the saga and event return for the new film.

Terminator Genisys, in theaters this Wednesday, Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in the skin of his most famous character. At the micro AlloCiné, the star, enthusiastic, discusses his history with the T-800: it evokes reading the script of the first film in 1984, the worldwide success of the saga and his comeback event in 2015. Interview discover above

Also:. Emilia Clarke was inspired by Sarah Connor for playing Khaleesi of “Game of Thrones”:

Emilia Clarke Interview


Schwarzenegger: “I have always been ready to play again Terminator” – Le Figaro

EXCLUSIVE – At 67, the former Governator revisits the character that made him famous thirty years ago. Lucidly about his age and a good dose of jubilation. Meet a living legend in action cinema.

Thirty years after his famous line “I’ll be back” (“I shall return”) Arnold Schwarzenegger endorses the Perfecto terrifying Terminator again. At 67, the former governor of California revisits the characters that made him famous. With great pleasure he seems. Black polo, short hair, head-shaped rings of death in the fingers, the former Mister Universe always displays an iron. The icon of action cinema of the 1980s book unvarnished, with a hint of self-mockery. Be careful though with hard questions. Although …

LE FIGARO. – What was your first reaction when you proposed to become Terminator, thirty years after the first film

Arnold Schwarzenegger?. – In fact, I always stood ready to take over the role. The only time I stood on the sidelines of the character, it was in the days when I was governor.

The Terminator that you play has gray hair. A bit like Sean Connery who played an old James Bond in Never Say Never Again, you have the chance to revisit your favorite character at different stages of life …

I just thought that it was smart to deal with old age, from the moment when one stands by my appearance … and age that I have. Because yes, I’m different Terminator 1984, directed by James Cameron. How can we pretend that I am the same as before. It would not have made sense.

Do you feel prisoner heroes you have played throughout your career, like Terminator or Conan the Barbarian?

A little. But admit it’s a damn nice prison. It’s like someone saying, “You’re going to stay locked in a prison full of pretty women for five years.” In these circumstances, I signed right away. I was not forced to replay Terminator. It is I who have chosen to do so.

Read the full article in Le Figaro to appear Wednesday, July 1, and on the web, mobile and tablets for Figaro Premium subscribers.


With Beats 1, Apple is also expanding into the radio – Liberation

A free radio, broadcasting twenty-four hours twenty-four, led by facilitators who share the hours when they broadcast the music they want. That’s what the paper proposes Beats 1, Apple’s online radio, which will be heard from on Tuesday. Not a crazy innovation, nothing less than a traditional music radio (although 5 stars by its cast) such as FM waves are populated for decades.

Its launch will take place simultaneously with that of Apple Music. The new music streaming platform is designed to devour competitors Spotify, Deezer or Pandora. For this, a free trial period of three months in early subscription (and paid artists, from the sling conducted by the rights holders pasionaria Taylor Swift) affordable subscription rates and obviously extensive library. Alongside this pachyderm arrival on the streaming market, Beats 1 then, and Connect, a kind of social network where artists can share content directly with listeners.

The “new” Beats 1 surprises at a time when Spotify, Deezer or of Pandora bardent algorithms laying playlists suggesting listeners with news that fit their tastes. These music discovery options have their critics: they let the listeners in their comfort zone. Apple Music also propose but efforts primarily on Beats 1. editorialized programs, the people behind the microphones, playlists composed by hand. A real return to the starting point.

A star of the BBC, Elton John and Dr. Dre on the air

As always with Apple, the ambition is to type in the top range. For this, the firm Apple had announced in February 2015 a rookie weight: Zane Lowe, DJ superstar in the UK. The New Zealander, pure product MTV, for thirteen years had ensured the lively musical program of evening BBC Radio 1. A must for the cream of pop, Coldplay and Kanye West at the same time a space Zane Lowe where music discovery propelled jumble Arctic Monkeys, Alt-J or Haim. His first interviewed on Beats 1 has already been announced: it will be Eminem. Zane Lowe will face Beats 1, with recruits Ebro Darden Adenuga or Julie. Only English programs currently broadcast live from Los Angeles, New York and London.

 Capturing & # XE9; Instagram account guts Julie Adenuga

Besides these professional curators, Beats 1 put the package by announcing flashy names in the presentation of special programs. Dr. Dre (the founder of the Beats brand) will provide hour show titled The Pharmacy , this pioneer of talent what Elton John will propose in his Rocket Hour a mix between old and new pop hits, Pharell and Drake are also planned … Like any good product must also have its mythology, Apple explains that Trent Reznor, leader of Nine Inch Nails (and one of the key designers of Apple Music), which would have first submitted the idea for the radio défricheuse new sounds.

Beats 1, a real radio?

The arrival of this luxury webradio still poses several questions. She will be heard? Online Radios have never triggered foolish passions, the podcast (which should probably offer Beats 1) being suitable for smartphones. Apple seems to rely on the appeal of these great names in music for the 15-35 age iPhone owners submit to a program they have not chosen. According to Cortney Harding, consultant for start-up music and former editor of the magazine Billboard , no doubt, Beats 1 “will work well and will be interesting since People still listen to traditional radio. But it will not be so huge that it “

Another question. How independent will the presenters in their music selection? Apple boasts the pioneer aspect of its future radio. Besides that, most private FM radio stations are already subject to commercial imperatives imposed by the hearing and labels. In comparison, Apple has an entire iTunes library for sale: what to ask many concerns in terms of freedom of programming for facilitators. Beats 1 will she a real radio? In that Zane Lowe says the New York Times, we did not necessarily feel. “It has desperately tried to find another name for radio Beats 1, and the DJ explained. We did not succeed.”


“Genysis Terminator” Schwarzenegger again at war against … – TF1

Fifth chapter of the saga created by anticipation James Cameron in 1984, Terminator Genysis (in theaters Wednesday) takes us in 2029. John Connor (Jason Clarke), which leads his troops with the resistance against the machines, is about to win the final victory, one that will make her freedom to mankind.

This is not counting with intelligence cyborgs who, to quell the rebellion in the bud, send one of their own in 1984 to eliminate Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke ), the mother of rebel leader even before he was born. For his part, John Connor sends his faithful lieutenant Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) to protect it.

If the fans of the saga will recognize the plot of the series, which consists of going back and forth in time, he will also discover that this component, directed by Alan Taylor, exploring new directions. “Technological advances in artificial intelligence allow us to really refresh the saga at a time when Skynet (the name of the computer consciousness that rules the world in the future) is no longer a hypothesis,” said David Ellison, one of the producers of the episode which follows those of 1984, 1991, 2003 and 2009.

The writers have introduced new events in this “reboot” process fashionable in Hollywood that involves running a new version of the same story. It allows Arnold Schwarzenegger to resume service, at age 67, after a political interlude of seven years when he was governor of California and nicknamed … “Governator”.

“I’m old but not obsolete”

“A month after completing my term as governor, I received a call from Megan and David Ellison – the film’s producers – who asked me if I was leaving for another episode of Terminator, and I said yes away, “he was reported at a recent press conference in Paris. For the fourth time in 31 years (he has not played in the 4th installment) so Schwarzenegger plays the role that earned him a worldwide celebrity in the early 1980s after a career in bodybuilding where he was crowned five times Mr. Universe.

I became very quickly the highest paid actor in the world. Today, these issues do not interest me. I have all the money I want, I would not even know how everything expenditure r “said one whose income between May 2014 and May 2015, are estimated at 96 million euros. But does not he think I too old for this kind of roles?

I am old but not obsolete ,” he jokes by quoting one of the replicas of the film. Shaped snap, one of the key scenes of this episode features the fight between the Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger today and Terminator from 1984 recreated in CGI. Proof that he is at his best, he will take another of his signature roles, that of Conan the Barbarian, while biceps too, including a new album released in 2016.


Tom Cruise, back in “Top Gun”? – The Echoes

Nearly thirty years after its release, “Top Gun” will be soon with a sequel on the big screen. Tom Cruise should also réendosser costume Pete Mitchell, said Maverick young flying ace hothead and a school for the elite of the US naval aviation. This cult film that marked the career of comedian, won over audiences upon its release in 1986, generating more than $ 350 million in revenue worldwide. If a sequence is contemplated since the late 1980s, the project should be realized this year with writing a new script by Justin Marks. “We hope to make the film very soon” , said producer David Ellison. “There is a fantastic role for Maverick in the film [...] As everybody knows, Tom wants to be 100% in the aircraft and on the film set. “

A statement that seems to confirm the long awaited return of American actor, Coming Soon after another cinema, that of “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation”. If the name of the director has not yet been unveiled, some information about this new scenario have already been rumored. Thus, this second installment should evoke, among others, the emergence of drones in the US Army. “This new film will explore the end of an era for air combat and fighter pilots” , said the producer, without entrusting more about the main plot. If no release date has yet been confirmed, the film is already announced in theaters in 3D and IMAX.


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Alain de Greef died – Le Parisien



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Alain de Greef died

THIS WAS ONE OF FIGURES iconic Canal + and Canal mind. Alain de Greef died yesterday afternoon at the age of 68 years died of cancer against which he struggled for several years. Former chief editor of …


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Alain de Greef: the inventor of “TV mates” died – Le Point

When we entered his office, there were these large leather chairs where you literally slumped. There was no way to stay otherwise. Or on the tip of the buttocks, but it was painful. So we gave in to the sweetness of leather armchairs … The Alain de Greef called itself to relaxation. Not at all convenient for business meetings. But great for chatting, everything from nothing. With this style that he had not always finish these sentences, to pursue his idea in his heart, to suggest rather than insist. A shame, my god … And like all timid, he could suddenly say something very intimate, like that in the turn of a phrase. With feigned indifference. He told me he had hardly known his father, the Belgian, who had “a bandit life” …

In his office, there was also this statue the scale of a pin up who stood a sort of Rita Hayworth in busty whose attires bulged décolettée a dress. The pin up of Canal +, she sat there. Permanently. Right next to his desk, like a muse who inspired the Maestro programs.

Alain de Greef, you read everywhere it is – with Pierre Lescure, his great friend – the inventor of a new tone on television. The formula has probably something agreed unless it is true. Most young people do not remember the stiff tone of the emissions of the 1970s De Greef Lescure and tumble into the landscape and revolutionizing the tone on Canal +, we speak the language of pals. There had been little attempt by the Children of Rock Antenne 2 just before. Coluche says “swear words”. Dummies bring this absurd dose and schoolboy humor. Alain de Greef trusts them. The Puppets ringardisent show corny. De Greef assumes. He has broad shoulders. It supports impertinence. Endorses crises. It is their first and best public. . A censor who laughed heartily to excesses

De Greef invents Nowhere else – déconnant ancestor Grand Journal – and infuses this “Canal spirit” derision, guests they are not taken too seriously, the zany chronic Antoine de Caunes and facial expressions of José Garcia with the wise old man, Philippe Gildas, who laughed antics of the youngest.

Fifteen years celebrations fifteen years of excess. We drink too. It is fashionable. And one day, it is not. Meanwhile, Canal + has become a European giant pay television. The Lescure buddy is carried into the downward spiral of the Messier era. On Hollywood dream, talking “cash flow”, “goodwill”, “fusion”, “telephony” … Alain de Greef loses Gildas, abuts Guillaume Durand, Nagui and crashes with Thierry Dugeon.

He captured the spirit of an era. This era was over. He left Canal + in 2001 along Pierre Lescure. The end of the era when banks satimbanques the death knell. By turning off at the age of 68, he joined the exclusive club of the television explorers. He, Alain de Greef, he had found something.


Philippe Lançon “I’m in tatters” – Le Figaro

A survivor of the attack on 7 January, the journalist-writer and chronicler of Charlie Hebdo was the guest this Friday Léa Salamé on France Inter. Severely wounded in the jaw, particular income on the long road that separates it from healing.

He never stopped s’ express. But for the first time in six months, it is his voice we hear. The journalist Philippe Lançon, survivor of the deadly attack against Charlie Hebdo where he was a columnist, spoke for the first time since the attacks of January. In his hospital room, where he is to undergo its thirteenth operation of the jaw, columnist was interviewed by Lea Salamé left for France Inter.

Philippe Lancon rethink never admit to the terrible events of January. He said: “It is unthinkable that we experienced. What is unthinkable is that it is absurd. [...] If I think I see a few dead friends who were close to me. “

” I’m in a struggle to fix me “

Hit in the jaw, he faked his death to avoid Kouachi brothers balls. What he says, is the chance he had, through a simple book. “Probably if I had not shown a jazz book Cabu, I’d come out a minute earlier, and I would have fallen on Kouachi brothers. I think I would not be here to talk to you. “

When asked about the tragic event, memories become blurred. “I see primarily Bernard Maris, someone who was dear to me.” However, what has most hurt is the extension of the attacks he experienced. “It was very difficult for me to see them diluted in words, comments, or even books that I found extremely low-intensity compared to what my friends and I had lived.”

including difficult “spirit of January 11,” he does not hesitate to criticize heavily Emmanuel Todd. It compares including “crows settling on the battlefield after the battle took place.”

“A tragedy for my friends”

Despite the abomination Philippe Lancon had wrong to consider this tragedy other than comedy. Thinking the scene where the Kouachi brothers burst into the premises of the satirical newspaper seemed to him absurd. “It’s as if it were a comic tragicomic, except we were in. I can not think of this scene as something absolutely serious (…) There is something that remains horribly funny. “

When Léa Salamé it evokes the question of forgiveness, writer remains true to its philosophy. “I make sure to be as attentive and more understanding toward those that a priori I would not understand.” However, he struggles to recover from the unbearable. “What I’ve been, it remains party, but I’m in shreds.”

He rejects the “war of civilizations” Manuel Valls

“No Sorting has not been done, and so all the big words, all statements or books to the punch can be read at the moment, seem moved me, “says journalist Libération . The Prime Minister has used for the first time the controversial phrase “clash of civilizations” against “terrorism” on Sunday, following the bloody attacks Friday in France, Tunisia and Kuwait.

Philippe Lancon believes that expression, to talk about the attacks in January is appropriate. “It is irrelevant, especially when one is in such a violent and complex situation today, and where it is, obviously, much too early to understand what is being played, the motivations of the people who have it off. “He would have wanted to know what happened in the minds of Kouachi brothers that day. But as he says with regret: “You never know.”


Rihanna and Chris Brown darn song – Le Figaro

VIDEO – At the BET Awards ceremony, the former couple would be reconciled. The singer knew all the words of the new title of the former (future?) Companion.

After years of tumultuous relationship, Rihanna and Chris Brown seem be on the way of reconciliation. Sunday night at the BET Awards ceremony, fans spotted encouraging signs: the star of Barbados was filmed knowing all the words of the song Post To Be performed live by her former partner and singer Omarion. A Rihanna smiling and swaying in his chair, he does not need more to convince the public: the link would be resumed between the two stars.

A source told the US media even Hollywood Life Rihanna has not mounted the steps of the ceremony, but went to the dressing room to congratulate Chris Brown. The couple lived a passionate history from 2007 to 2009 before Chris Brown strikes his companion then aged 21 years. It had quickly become the laughing stock of radios and the public for about two years.

The former star couple of American music would be on the path of reconciliation. Both busy with their careers, they are two of the most influential figures in their environment, thus attracting paparazzi and jealousy. Latest proof, Rihanna can not hide anything from her love life: it is currently very close to the footballer Karim Benzema. She continues to make the headlines.

Far from being annoyed by all the hype, it plays. She had fun sharing a teaser for his next clip Bitch Better Have My Money , to be unveiled Tuesday, June 30 For almost two minutes a woman is preparing to release before disappearing “mysteriously” when she finds herself alone in an elevator company in Rihanna. It then emerges with a large suitcase, leaving some doubt about the causes of this disappearance …


Tom Cruise Top Gun expected 2 – BBC

Nearly 30 years after its release, the action film directed by Tony Scott will have a sequel in which the American actor could find his favorite role that had propelled his career in 1986.

80s cult movie, Top Gun was a turning point in the career of Tom Cruise. At the time, the American actor was only 24 years old and was not the star he would become by chaining success ( The Color of Money, Cocktail, Rain Man, Born on the 4th July The firm …). Supported by an excellent soundtrack (including the famous Take my breath away in Berlin), Top Gun tells the formation of a talented driver – but unsustainable – within the the elite of American naval aviation.

Released in 1986, the film directed by Tony Scott had attracted 3.5 million viewers in theaters in France and generated over $ 350 million worldwide. There are three years old, a 3D version gave a facelift to the franchise owned by Skydance. At a press conference, the Director General the production company, David Ellison, spoke Top Gun 2.

“Justin Marks is writing the script, a- he announced. He has a phenomenal knowledge of the world of fighter pilots of the Navy and its evolution. We have a great role in Maverick in the film and there is no Top Gun without Maverick. “Whether it’s Tom Cruise will resume this role, David Ellison does not hide his desire to find him. “Maverick can only be played by Maverick, he replied. We hope to make the film very soon. “


“Top Gun 2″ ready to take off with Tom Cruise! – Point

It was to be expected: Top Gun , the highest grossing box office 1986, could not remain eternally untouchable. Number of Hollywood producers have long cherished the idea of ​​a sequel and, after five years in the limbo of the development project, this sequel will indeed be launched. Tom Cruise on view at that.

The producer David Ellison, who seems to become specialist franchise resurrections, confirmed during his promotional tour for Terminator Genisys Berlin. He explained that the screenplay is being written and that he has a way “phenomenal update this world with what the Navy fighter pilots have become today.”

Read also: Terminator Genisys it worth the price of a movie ticket?

“I do not think that’s what people expect and hope to make the film very soon,” he said, before responding to the public’s main question “There is a fantastic role for Maverick in the film. No Top Gun and it will be without Maverick Maverick playing the role of Maverick. [...] As everybody knows Tom, he will want to be 100% in these aircraft being actually turn. “It was therefore confirmed that Tom Cruise, who loves perform his own stunts, will resume the service.

The end of the pilot?

According to initial rumors, Top Gun 2 will look at the growing use of drones in the military and will raise the question of the usefulness of the pilot in this new era. In a speech last April, the Secretary of State to the Navy and said that the F-35C “should be and will almost certainly be the last manned fighter aircraft by men that the Department of the Navy of the United United buys and will fly “

The statements of David Ellison actually go in this direction..” When we look at the world of air combat, which is interesting, it ‘ it is no longer the way it was when there Top Gun is released … In the new film will explore the end of an era for air combat and fighter pilots, and that this culture is today. “


Chris Squire, bassist of the group Yes, dies – BBC

DISAPPEARANCE – The co-founder of the formation has died at the age of 67 years. He participated in the creation of several legendary albums in rock history, including The Yes Album and Fragile in 1971.

The bassist and co-founder of Yes, Chris Squire, died at the age of 67 years, announced Sunday, June 28 this British rock group.

Interpreter including Owner of a Lonely Heart and Love Will Find A Way Chris Squire was considered a legend of progressive rock.

” It is with a heavy heart and particularly unbearable sadness that we inform you of the death of our dear friend and co-founder of Yes, Chris Squire, “wrote Geoffrey Downes, keyboardist of the group, on his Twitter account.

“Chris died peacefully last night in Phoenix, Arizona, in the arms of his loving wife Scotty” said Yes. Chris Squire was revealed last month that he was suffering from a rare form of leukemia and he would follow treatment at Phoenix, his adopted home in the United States.

Born in north West London, the son of a taxi driver and a housewife, he was expelled from school in 1964 because he had long hair. Yes Chris Squire founded with singer Jon Anderson in 1968.

Among the most famous albums of this group include The Yes Album and Fragile in 1971, Close to the Edge in 1972 Tales from Topographic Oceans the following year, Relay in 1974 Going for the One in 1977.


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JoeyStarr attacks his former manager on social networks – MetroNews

The conflict between JoeyStarr and his former manager Sébastien Farran does not cease to take momentum. While both men are scrambled in recent days, the singer released a rant about her Instagram about Big Festival. Godfather of the first edition, he will not attend that this year, in order not to “give credit to the two impostors who run it, Sébastien Farran and Nadège Winter,” in his words.

ALSO READ & gt; & gt; Joey Starr: “The capital sympathy, I beat kidney”

He believes “have worked enough to maintain the summer sessions, with cocaine support, Ibiza “by his former manager. For him, it now considers himself” manager of one of the biggest French music artists (Johnny Hallyday, ed ) he got through my efforts and not the pseudo-support which he has shown with regard to my journey. “

A rant, and soon a trial?

JoeyStarr , however, does not intend to stick to settling scores through social networks. He says he wants to sue Sébastien Farran All his attempts to smear me and, therefore, ensure its output will adjust to court. “

There are already a few weeks, the singer had expressed his anger against his former manager, again via Instagram . In particular, explained that his next album was made it hostage, and that he had defrauded. A Currently, it has not responded to these serious charges.


JoeyStarr violently attacked his former manager – Le Figaro

Saturday evening, the singer and actor has published on social networks denouncing a long message, he said, the methods of Sebastien Farran.

In conflict with his former manager for several weeks, JoeyStarr chose social networks to let go. There is already a month, the rapper released on Instragram a picture of him with Johnny Hallyday, also managed by Sébastien Farran . Commenting, he wrote that he was “robbed”, “cheated” and “left in the lurch” by his representative who managed its taxes “he did not pay.”

“I’m as guilty as him having so delegated to an incompetent” he said, adding that his new album was “momentarily on a siding, held hostage by Sebastien Farran against my silence. ” Not at all decided to be silent, JoeyStarr has therefore submitted a Saturday night layer evoking the Big Festival to be held in Biarritz for its seventh edition from 11 to 19 July.

“All his attempts to smear me will be resolved in court”

Godfather of the first edition, he announced that there not come this year “to no longer give credit to the two impostors who run it, Sébastien Ferran and Nadège Winter,” he wrote. “I worked enough to maintain the summer sessions, cocaine in support, Ibiza Sebastien Farran who struts now under the label manager of one of the biggest French music artists (Johnny Hallyday, ed) he got through my efforts and not the pseudo support he has shown towards my career, this was just the secretariat, “he said.

The singer and actor 47 ads will sue his former manager. “There were all kinds of proxies to be used at will and it is not private, there advance. Today is the time of Auditors and the numbers never lie. All his attempts to smear me and, therefore, ensure its output will adjust to the court. “JoeyStarr Manager since its inception in the group NTM, Sébastien Ferran is also the godfather of one of his son.