Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The “Vagina Queen” Kapoor vandalized the castle … – Le Figaro

The work, a steel trunk 60 meters titled Dirty Corner , stirs controversy since its installation. She underwent paint jets, but has been cleaned.

The work of British sculptor imposing Anish Kapoor installed in the castle park Versailles near Paris, whose sexual connotations arouses controversy, was vandalized by paint jets, will we learned from the management of the domain.

This work, a steel trunk of 60 meters by the author called Dirty Corner, but decked out in the press the nickname “Queen of Vagina” is exposed since June 9 in Versailles, royal residence of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and one of the most visited by tourists sites in France. She appears with other works by the artist 61 years from India.

“A deterioration of the work Dirty Corner was found Wednesday morning. This is superficial paint jets. The work has just been cleaned, “do we have the same source. Another states that an investigation is under way, including through the study of surveillance videos.

Located in the main axis of the park, the green rug, that rusty steel tunnel 60 m long open towards the castle by a kind of proboscis, which Kapoor acknowledges that it is “very sexual”.

The tunnel excavations and is surrounded by huge stone blocks (up to 25 tons), some painted red blood. Kapoor, a specialist in giant installations, says he never used the term “Queen’s Vagina”. No claim has been received by the management of the domain of Versailles and no particular signs were observed near the work.

Without concessions, the exhibition Kapoor in Versailles sparked a beginning of polemic. Besides Dirty Corner , the artist positioned in the central axis of the park three other works, two large mirrors and a “Vortex”, a rotating circular basin whose water opens in its center to the depths.

The British sculptor of Indian origin also placed in a grove a red cube sculpture breakthrough hoses and in the historic hall of the Tennis Court, a cannon firing wax bullets.


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