Thursday, June 25, 2015

Box office the first day: A moment of madness in mind – Le Figaro

The remake of Claude Berri film in which Vincent Cassel and François Cluzet resume the roles of Jean-Pierre Marielle and Victor Lanoux headed the French ranking for his first day in the gym.

With 1,100 entries on his first day in the Parisian halls, A moment of madness , set the best Paris for his first start day room. This sixth feature film by Jean-François Richet’s remake of the film of the same name, made in 1977 by Claude Berri. His son, Thomas Langmann, who produced this new version.

Vincent Cassel takes the role played by Jean-Pierre Marielle, while François Cluzet slips into that of Victor Lanoux. That of Agnès Soral, then aged 17, is now held by Lola Le Lann. An American remake titled Blame it on Rio , directed by Stanley Donen with Michael Caine and Joseph Bologna, has already been released in 1984.

The story remains the same. “Antoine (Cluzet) and Laurent (Cassel), longtime friends, spend their holiday in Corsica with their respective daughters Louna (Lola Le Lann), 17 and Mary (Alice Isaaz) 18. One evening on the beach, Louna seduced Lawrence. Louna is in love but Laurent is only a moment of bewilderment. Without revealing the name of her lover, Louna confides in her father seeking by every means to discover who it is. How long will he be kept secret? “Says the official synopsis.

Gunman thriller and the horror film Unfriended, are the second and third place the podium with respectively 745 and 583 entries.


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