Friday, June 19, 2015

Jamel Debbouze: “The French do not care Presidents of culture” – Le Figaro

In an interview with the Moroccan newspaper TelQuel , the Franco-Moroccan actor denounced the indifference of heads of state in France for cinema and art in general.

Jamel Debbouze does not mince words. Interviewed by the Moroccan media TelQuel , the actor expressed his disappointment, a week after its festival “Marrakech laughter,” to see the French government take lightly the cultural field. “I met lots of French heads of state, who did not care about culture!”, He says. The artist refers to Nicolas Sarkozy and the current president.

If François Hollande takes for his rank, the actor and director Franco-Moroccan praised however the cultural knowledge of the King of Morocco Mohamed VI. The comedian says that the monarch really committed to youth and culture. “It is not simply say, is to know (the subject). He spun musical references .. H-Kayne .. I did not know, it was he who made me discover … “says Jamel Debbouze.

He also compared the cultural evolution of Morocco with its neighbors in the Maghreb. “I know what it is that a senior who wants it moves. The proof is that it moves behind! If we are here today – says the actor, pointing to the magazine Tel Quel that title a “scandal” about the controversy over the film Much Loved Nabil Ayouch – is that culturally there is something going on strong here, which does not happen in Algeria, which is not happening in Tunisia. ” Jamel Debbouze has only forgotten that this film which has about prostitution in Marrakech was hit by the Moroccan censorship and was prohibited from broadcasting in the country.


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