Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tom Cruise, back in “Top Gun”? – The Echoes

Nearly thirty years after its release, “Top Gun” will be soon with a sequel on the big screen. Tom Cruise should also réendosser costume Pete Mitchell, said Maverick young flying ace hothead and a school for the elite of the US naval aviation. This cult film that marked the career of comedian, won over audiences upon its release in 1986, generating more than $ 350 million in revenue worldwide. If a sequence is contemplated since the late 1980s, the project should be realized this year with writing a new script by Justin Marks. “We hope to make the film very soon” , said producer David Ellison. “There is a fantastic role for Maverick in the film [...] As everybody knows, Tom wants to be 100% in the aircraft and on the film set. “

A statement that seems to confirm the long awaited return of American actor, Coming Soon after another cinema, that of “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation”. If the name of the director has not yet been unveiled, some information about this new scenario have already been rumored. Thus, this second installment should evoke, among others, the emergence of drones in the US Army. “This new film will explore the end of an era for air combat and fighter pilots” , said the producer, without entrusting more about the main plot. If no release date has yet been confirmed, the film is already announced in theaters in 3D and IMAX.


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