Friday, June 19, 2015

Robin Williams made his final farewell in touching the “Boulevard” – Le Point

“One night I walked down a street in a street car that I did not know nothing s’.. is finished as I imagined. ” Boulevard , Robin Williams plays Nolan, a sexagenarian stuck in a job he does mechanically and in a marriage he does not see the meaning. An unfortunate man without knowing, or rather knowing he’d rather not know. Until it does, on the street, meeting a young homosexual named Leo (Roberto Aguirre) and he will stand up.

Before his suicide, in August 2014, Robin Williams had shot several films that were launched posthumously, including the third installment of Night at the Museum . Directed by Dito Montiel ( A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints ), Boulevard is the last appearance of Robin Williams on the big screen. An appearance all the more heartbreaking it is a modest drama about a depressed man, too.

“It’s never too late to start living” proclaims Williams in this independent film. Because the character Nolan offers the actor what he probably did not find in real life, the discovery of happiness and the ability to overcome the deadly loneliness that strikes without anyone’s knowledge. Presented at the Tribeca Film Festival in April and met with excitement by critics, Boulevard released on July 10 in the US (French no date has been foreseen).


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