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Sagamore Stévenin leaves Falco: “The problem was human and not … – Screenrush

Sagamore Stévenin Falco leaves the character he plays since 2013 in the eponymous series. The actor said he was “sad” and explains his reason for our colleagues in Paris.

After three seasons on TF1, the actor Sagamore Stévenin Falco leaves the series. He embodied a police lieutenant emerging from coma and managing the life he rediscovered. Sharing his displeasure with the write direction of the fourth season, Stévenin has gradually alienated some people, before finally deciding to leave, as he tells our colleagues in the Parisien


“(…) I realized that the problem was human and not creative. If I feel I become a liability, it is better that I draw conclusions and that I go away. “

that it accuses

“We withdrew the character all its uniqueness, the fact that it’s not a cop, a father and a man like any other. I could no longer find his DNA, and as I am extremely attached to him, I was perhaps more the right person in the right place “ And to drive the point by a heartfelt answer. If you start” Magnum “, you can not do next” Columbo “.”

Sagamore Stévenin alias “Falco”


“I tried to find a solution, but my proposals have not been heard … because they were from me. I had become inaudible. I can only regret it, I wanted to continue and I would also direct an episode. “

A start in the forms

“(…) I can not, I think I have a moral contract and duty to make these transitional events not to put the project at risk. This is not because I left the series she should stop. I’ll be honest with these transitional episodes, I play a character whose series is named, it is difficult for me, but I can not be held hostage for ten years. “

Stévenin concludes the interview with the Parisian way: “(…) I do not think people m ‘want to. It is regrettable that this does not continue, but at a time, it’s also what being a righteous man. “

Each judge, but the former interpreter of Michel Vaillant has indeed finished with Falco, which is found in ten episodes in 2016 on TF1.

Some images of ‘ambitious series “Falco”, produced since 2013:

Falco Trailer


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