Sunday, June 14, 2015

The discomfort Stromae seems more severe than expected – Le Figaro

After the cancellation of his concert in Kinshasa and his return to Europe to “medical emergency”, the team has announced that the Belgian singer will resume his tour in a month and a half, namely 2 August.

While several Belgian media questioned the official version of the cancellation of the concert in Kinshasa Stromae, Auguri Productions , the company that handles the Belgian singer and Mosaert, his label, just sent a press release announcing that the tour will not resume until August 2.

Friday, Alain Yav, Director Administrator General Pygma communication group, in charge of promoting the Stromae concert in Kinshasa announced that the singer was not able to get on the stage of the Congolese capital due to a “medical emergency” that need his return to Europe.

According to the producers, examinations by Stromae show “that it undergoes serious side effects of prophylactic (preventive) treatment for malaria.”

A new putting undermined all the theories of the Belgian press Saturday that evoked a problem with non-payment of the singer’s staff, a visa problem for part of the technical team, the threats made against the family of Stromae or the origins of the father of the singer.

interpreter Papaoutai were to occur on July 5 at Wireless in London on July 11 in Lisbon, Locarno, 13. He was also the poster boy of the renowned Benicassim festival in Spain on 17 July and the Osheaga Music and Arts Festival, held in Montreal on July 31. The question is whether the singer will take the stage at the Bell Centre on 28 and 29 September also in Montreal.

Neither Universal, her record label nor Auguri his turner, have yielded yet more information on the exact state of the singer.


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