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So , sex is taboo into the gold of the Ministry of Culture. Love Gaspar Noé film in many non-simulated sex scenes, the classification committee would have recommended to prohibit age of 16, could ultimately be the age of 18 upon its release scheduled for 15 July at the request of Fleur Pellerin.

Friday release information and make conditional since neither the Commission nor the Department are publicly expressed about it. Unlike Wild Bunch, the film’s distributor, which has expressed its concern in a statement widely reported since.

extreme Conservatism

“While the classification panel works cinematographic CNC had recommended last week a ban on under 16 for the film Love Gaspar Noé, we learn with dismay that the Minister of Culture and Communication requested the film returns to the commission, with the hope of a more severe classification, “said Wild Bunch in this release. “We can only surprise us with a previously reserved approach to a combination of extreme conservatism,” added distributor.

“The cultural policy of Fleur Pellerin is Turf instead Pasolini, Buñuel or Fassbinder, “quipped Vincent Maraval of Wild Bunch co-founder, on his Twitter account.  He added in another tweet:” Our teens are condemned to discover sex through Internet bodybuilder athletes, tattooed and shaved who believe the Olympics, “said Does it also posted. Two micro-messages that have since been removed by the author. But who set fire to the canvas, prompting reactions from fans of movies …

But as his opponents, like Le Figaro , to justify the request Fleur Pellerin, returned to the podium of the X actress Angell Summers who participated in the film appeared on the The site Obs on May 22, after the screening at the 68th Cannes Film Festival ” To be honest, even if the team was top notch, I really like being on the set of a porn movie [...] scene in a libertine club, discovery of the world by a young couple, porn actresses on 15cm heels, sequences that end with ejaculation of a man … Everything was like during my five years in this business. “

No official reaction from the department or the commission

This Sunday, neither the Ministry of Culture or the classification committee have so reacted hour. But the filmmakers Arp (Association of authors, directors and producers) were “extremely surprised” to learn that the minister had “taken the initiative of a second viewing” of the film.

“This calls for important issues, of course, institutional, but also societal, consider these professionals in a statement. What legitimacy does the rest Classification Board when his opinions are now routinely called into cause and regularly overturned by judges? “

An operation in question

” Our company has nothing to gain from being in the field of exclusive game of conservatism and puritanism, “they continued, asking” the Opening a profound reflection on the functioning “of the commission.

A classification panel of increasingly subject to the pressures of the association Promote, who uses all remedies to dull the ban films containing scenes of sex or violence. She had yet reached it a few weeks ago to withdraw its license to permit Saw 3D on the pretext that its ban on under 16 was at its insufficient sense.

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The danger, reports the site EcranLarge.com, “is that in addition to threatening exploitation of the film by Gaspar Noé, the Ministry of Culture knights Promoting strategy encouraging to say the Classification Committee to deal hardest works, and by extension exhibitors and distributors not to commit to ‘say extreme works. “

For their part, the filmmakers of Arp themselves” convinced that poetry, sexual as it is, a filmmaker Gaspar Noé in this case, will remain a better educational source that porn debauchery permanently available on the internet. “