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“Vice versa”: what emotion! **** – Le Parisien

Renaud Baronian | June 17, 2015, 10:57 | Updated: June 17, 2015, 11:01

“Vice versa” features personified emotions Riley, whose life is turned upside down by a move.
Illustration. (Pixar.)

What happens in the brains of human beings, and more particularly that a preteen whack with its growth, which must deal with changing feelings, melancholy animosity through the reluctance? Many have asked these questions, and we would never have bet that some of the answers may arise from an animated film extravaganza.

This is a journey through the head of a girl 11 years invites us “Vice versa” stunning animated film produced by Pixar, one of the best ever created by this American studio behind the first feature film in pictures synthesis (“Toy Story”).

Every rebound falls brainstorm

Everything was going well for Riley, 11, schoolgirl Minnesota and hockey fan, until his family moved to San Francisco: the girl loses its bearings, has to give up his friends and began a war of nerves with his parents. The virtual camera from director Pete Docter plunges into his head, and we discover a control center where coexist Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust emotions personified by small glittering characters. Riley more depression, more emotions are in conflict, before trying to save that they “live.” And that Joy and Sadness parts for a long journey to the heart of the long-term memory and dreamland, to replace it in the right way.

In this story carried by and based graphical prowess on research with psychologists, each rebound falls brainstorm. Just like the iconic scene from the film, a dispute at the family table, where there has been going back and forth between the brains of three protagonists: the emotions of the father locked mode “watching a football match a” , those of the parent who regrets not having everything behind for a Brazilian playboy, and those of Riley, whose anger took control. Better yet, Pete Docter takes us into the meanders of our brain maze of memories, countries of the imagination …

The viewer can not help thinking to himself, to his anguish , exaltations or outbursts. Sign that “Vice versa” – visible from 10 years but will pack adults – goes far beyond simple entertainment mission pushes us to reflect on ourselves and even challenge ourselves question. A masterpiece, full of emotions, which should be remembered.

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 American animated film of Pete Docter.

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