Monday, June 29, 2015

Philippe Lançon “I’m in tatters” – Le Figaro

A survivor of the attack on 7 January, the journalist-writer and chronicler of Charlie Hebdo was the guest this Friday Léa Salamé on France Inter. Severely wounded in the jaw, particular income on the long road that separates it from healing.

He never stopped s’ express. But for the first time in six months, it is his voice we hear. The journalist Philippe Lançon, survivor of the deadly attack against Charlie Hebdo where he was a columnist, spoke for the first time since the attacks of January. In his hospital room, where he is to undergo its thirteenth operation of the jaw, columnist was interviewed by Lea Salamé left for France Inter.

Philippe Lancon rethink never admit to the terrible events of January. He said: “It is unthinkable that we experienced. What is unthinkable is that it is absurd. [...] If I think I see a few dead friends who were close to me. “

” I’m in a struggle to fix me “

Hit in the jaw, he faked his death to avoid Kouachi brothers balls. What he says, is the chance he had, through a simple book. “Probably if I had not shown a jazz book Cabu, I’d come out a minute earlier, and I would have fallen on Kouachi brothers. I think I would not be here to talk to you. “

When asked about the tragic event, memories become blurred. “I see primarily Bernard Maris, someone who was dear to me.” However, what has most hurt is the extension of the attacks he experienced. “It was very difficult for me to see them diluted in words, comments, or even books that I found extremely low-intensity compared to what my friends and I had lived.”

including difficult “spirit of January 11,” he does not hesitate to criticize heavily Emmanuel Todd. It compares including “crows settling on the battlefield after the battle took place.”

“A tragedy for my friends”

Despite the abomination Philippe Lancon had wrong to consider this tragedy other than comedy. Thinking the scene where the Kouachi brothers burst into the premises of the satirical newspaper seemed to him absurd. “It’s as if it were a comic tragicomic, except we were in. I can not think of this scene as something absolutely serious (…) There is something that remains horribly funny. “

When Léa Salamé it evokes the question of forgiveness, writer remains true to its philosophy. “I make sure to be as attentive and more understanding toward those that a priori I would not understand.” However, he struggles to recover from the unbearable. “What I’ve been, it remains party, but I’m in shreds.”

He rejects the “war of civilizations” Manuel Valls

“No Sorting has not been done, and so all the big words, all statements or books to the punch can be read at the moment, seem moved me, “says journalist Libération . The Prime Minister has used for the first time the controversial phrase “clash of civilizations” against “terrorism” on Sunday, following the bloody attacks Friday in France, Tunisia and Kuwait.

Philippe Lancon believes that expression, to talk about the attacks in January is appropriate. “It is irrelevant, especially when one is in such a violent and complex situation today, and where it is, obviously, much too early to understand what is being played, the motivations of the people who have it off. “He would have wanted to know what happened in the minds of Kouachi brothers that day. But as he says with regret: “You never know.”


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