Thursday, June 18, 2015

The son of Michael Jackson, Blanket, exchange first – BFMTV.COM

Apple, Suri, North West … As for Hollywood celebrities, finding an original name (or ridiculous, your point of view) for her child is an almost obligatory step. No chance for girls and son of stars, which are then the target of ridicule, whether in the media or, as everyone in school. And son Michael Jackson has clearly paid the price.

Blanket Jackson, aged 13, has had enough of his name, and this is understandable, since it means “cover”. Although for the civil status, the boy’s real name is Prince Michael Jackson III, it has always been called by this affectionate nickname chosen by his famous father, who wanted then illustrate all the love he “wrapped” his little .

Call it “Bigi”

Today teenager, the latter had ras-le-bol and held to amend the register of the Buckley School in Los Angeles where he is currently studying in fifth class. Now one can find there as the “Bigi”. A name of Germanic origin meaning “idealistic, sensitive, inspired”.

“He always thought that the first name Blanket was stupid and he was angry with his father for having called that,” said a source close to the Jackson family, as reported site RadarOnline . “When he grew up, his classmates have often laughed at him because they were jealous. When he joined the college, he chose the name Bigi and that’s how it is now known.”


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