Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Schwarzenegger sprayed homophobic fan – Le Figaro

Terminator The interpreter has found the perfect answer to meet the reaction of one of his admirer hostile to gay marriage.

Since the legalization by the Supreme Court, Friday, June 27, gay marriage in the United States, the reactions of celebrities have multiplied. On social networks (Twitter, Facebook) are the many personalities have changed their profile photo adopting the multicolored flag, symbol of the LGBT movement.

These include celebrities including Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Governor (Republican) of the State of California and Terminator interpreter. He brought repeatedly support the LGBT movement and claimed that the legalization of gay marriage was “the right decision”.

On Twitter and Facebook, the reactions of some fans opposed to gay marriage n ‘ were quick. Many netizens and asked him to change his profile picture. Another asked: “What’s wrong with you Arnie? I’ll have unliker “. The Schwarzenegger’s response was not long in coming, sober, assassinates “hasta la vista” in reference to his famous reply of Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

Screenshot Facebook


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