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VIDEOS. The cinema lesson Guillaume Nicloux – L’Express

He speaks laying hands on his thighs. Sitting upright in his chair, sweet and simple words. The just and chosen words. The ironic and serious tone. As appropriate. Nicloux Guillaume, 48, is a funny filmmaker. Funny in the sense of singular, original, apart.

This conversation takes place just days before the Cannes Film Festival, while his movie Valley of Love is in competition. The story of a couple, now separated, played by Isabelle Huppert and Gerard Depardieu, who finds himself at the request of their son recently committed suicide. A story of love, death and cinema.

Listen Guillaume Nicloux talk about his films and his career is to follow a director who has continued to seek, to eventually find it are few. He turned with Michel Piccoli, Marion Cotillard, Josiane Balasko, Catherine Deneuve, Thierry Lhermitte, Vanessa Paradis … Yes, a funny filmmaker. Exciting and lucid. Without jargon.

“My first shock cinema is Bambi . Not very original. Then, around 11-12 years, I look at the film club on TV, I streamlines nothing but movies provoke questions:.. such as The manuscript found in Saragossa Wojciech Has I understand nothing, except that tells me a story then it is the film Jean Epstein and Jean Vigo;.. I still do not understand, but it is impressive whenever Finally, I finished by Freaks and Tod Browning Around 14-15 years I began to want to understand. Godard, for example. That said, I’m going to see the movies. For us small British or The Island of Dr. Moreau . I love to be alone in a room .

In practice, I try to approach the cinema through the theater. No way, it’s easier to create a company and to familiarize myself with the acting and writing . I finance self-produced his first short film, The path to the stars . Very experimental. As those who follow. It is learning by doing. I’m 22, I’m stubborn, arrogant and stubborn. I am wrong, I refuse field against immediately, but I’m learning.

Gérard Depardieu and Isabelle Huppert in Valley of Love.

Gérard Depardieu and Isabelle Huppert in Valley of Love.

The Covenant

The path to the stars is the story of a guy who becomes guardian of a mental hospital. The second, The flying children, follows a young boy coming out of a psychiatric hospital, meets a woman and kills some people There is a constant It’s still experimental… does not cut, be spontaneous in my mind these films are not intended to be exploited. I’m on my way. But Children flying is selected in the Forum, in Berlin. He made a small career in festivals.

” outside the box “

Life burst is a film for TV, without a script. Michel Piccoli plays a man living in a castle just a couple disrupt. Written overnight. Should not laugh happiness enters a more conventional system, it is selected to the Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes. Good reviews. It’s a little foam around me. And then … nothing.

I sit down to write novels. Eight in two years. I am frustrated, even if two or three years without beating is not exceptional. Zoocity released in bookstores, I was demoralized, I am more than movies. But I get a call from Sylvie Pialat, who tells me that wants to adapt Maurice Pialat Zoocity to the movies. I rang and very proud. But Maurice falls ill and the film is not made.

Darroussin into The Octopus.

Darroussin in Octopus.

Bac Films

Charles Gassot propose Octopus after reading a script I sent it. I like the risk and danger. The value of the order is to inject personal things Films I refused worked very well. Tell No One, 99 francs If I had done, they would not have been successful. . I am very happy for Canet and Kounen. I’m not jealous, especially since I have the feeling of being spoiled.

The octopus , the tone of comedy is far from my desires; to be held in a precise specification for the character is not my cup of tea My cinema is more tortured, less light The octopus is.. not very good, but I put the foot in the stirrup. This is the first star of Darroussin. I can not help but come out of the frame. It has good feedback, it leaves without leave . I develop projects respond to commands, including a movie with Johnny Depp for Fechner. Finally, I launched into a personal film, the first of a triptych on the black race, which therefore account, A Private Affair, This woman, The key .

Jeanne Balibar and Thierry Lhermitte in A Private Affair.

Jeanne Balibar and Thierry Lhermitte in A Private Affair.

Little Bear

A Private Affair . Rubbish. I see the mistakes. A film is a mix between pleasure of turning and frustration of not having achieved all . I try things. If I have an ambition, not a moderately successful movie is to miss the fine. That’s my side Beckett. To persist in missing the best way . rather than make a film that one would find pleasing This denigration is not the posture I’m not proud of my films, except the last two, which give me a little more hope. The removal of Michel Houellebecq and Valley of Love . They are perhaps best duds than others.

“Try’m interested

A Private Affair , genre thriller is an excuse to build relationships between the characters, treated in a behaviorist rather psychological way. I apply the principle of mise en abyme of Saragossa Manuscript . The story captivates me more than the intrigues. I am the first witness lost what I said. This is the principle of surrealism. A principle applied to an artistic and economic system the cinema, who absolutely refuses.

When I realized The Stone Council , I get out of a depressive period; This woman was a failure. I accept this fantastic film for children that meets almost youthful excitement I: turn with Monica Bellucci and Catherine Deneuve, rebuild a studio in the forest, working with Peter Suschitzky, the chief op Empire against Cancel Leader . And during filming, I make an anti-movie: a decision by plan. I do not get along at all with Suschitzky.



MK2 Diffusion

This woman -There tells a woman who lost her child, The Stone Council tells a woman who does everything to save her child. There is a strange connection between the one and the other. I respect the contract, the film is faithful to the script. The film was released, I turn The key . I am elsewhere. The Stone Council is another ratage . What interests me is to try. I enjoy to invent, to make. I play with gender codes to attempt a more dangerous special approach. The chance I have is that the actors with whom I want to turn want to work with me. They know we will not go into a traditional pattern.

I like pretty good Holiday . I just lost my father, and I need to dive into a world that allows me to disconnect from reality. It is a film written, which plays with the codes, including sexual mocks Agatha Christie and formally I think of Douglas Sirk. It is less bad than usual, but this impression is probably distorted by the excesses of pleasure I had in making it. The press is good, but the output is catastrophic. A snowstorm prevents the public from moving in theaters. A disaster.

Religious . Looking for years how to adapt the book of Diderot. Unlike Rivette, I do not want an anticlerical film. Me, which tells me it is the fate of a woman in a world close the prison. The characters are confronted with a world they did not choose. I mainly introduced the absent father figure of the book. From there, I realize that I have always treated parentage. It took me thirty years. gered writing the film.

Between Gerard and me, it was very disturbing. Without going into details psy, my name is William, and Gerard, in the movie, is a father who lost his son. Depardieu is like my father. They have the same smell, the same skin texture, the same literary tastes. When Gerard appeared, I unleashed the floodgates. Since I expose my feelings, I am less hard on myself, and therefore with the viewer. It is more generous. I reach an age, 48, I look behind me. It is the only living species to be conscious of death. Which enriches the way we talk about life. I would be more naked and more sincere. I need and want.

The same theme

All that is suggested in each of my films, the loss of a child, culminates in this film. Working on automatic writing was an attempt to bring out the subject of filiation. Even in the controls, I played this theme in The matter Gordji , for Canal +, I asked the writer to introduce a father figure. In Religious also.

The cinema is the art that allows less to be master of what we do, because of the constraints. But that’s what makes it so interesting. Everything is in truth and sincerity of the moment. That’s what I try to capture. The moment where things are manufactured. I am a happy depressed. The key is to be here and now, and to realize it. That joy and misfortune moments are lived fully. We must give to neither to others. “


1990 The flying children

1995 Should not laugh happiness

1998 The Octopus

2001 A Private Affair

2006 The Council Stone

2013 Religious

2014 Valley of Love

VALLEY OF LOVE , Guillaume Nicloux with Isabelle Huppert, Gérard Depardieu, Dan Warner, Aurélia Thierrée … Released: June 17


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