Sunday, June 21, 2015

Valls, Holland, Deneuve, Brigitte Bardot … Zahia attack – BBC

VIDEO – Corrida, wearing fur coats, animal slaughter … The actress, invited this Sunday morning on the show Your pets on RMC , lashed various personalities.

Brigitte Bardot is given to heart joy this morning on RMC. Manuel Valls to Catherine Deneuve, through Zahia or Francois Hollande, the actress invited on the show Your pets, did not skimp on the words.

In particular the Prime Minister described as “tauromaniaque” in reference to his love of bullfighting: “He thinks it’s great bullfighting, but it’s a massacre, it’s disgusting, I am outraged, it is the killing of an animal. Obviously that bullfighting should no longer occur because blood calls for blood and violence begets violence. “

The Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve and the president are not remains. Regarding the ritual slaughter of animals, BB recalled having sent it a few days ago a letter about it to the Minister: “At the beginning of his term François Hollande had replied that he could do anything,” confie- she. He added: “I want us to do good friends with Muslims, but Muslims must accept French laws slaughter of animals.”

The actress is back on the campaign Peta, main association defending the rights of American animals, which staged naked Zahia for a campaign in favor of vegetarianism: “I do not know how the fact to get naked can advocate animal (…) But Peta had a campaign ‘rather naked than wear fur, that I found it very well,’ “she says.

Also, the sacrosanct about coats Fur is back on the carpet with the transition to a pique Catherine Deneuve: “There are Catherine Deneuve (…) What did you want to discuss with Catherine Deneuve and her furs? There’s nothing to do (…) Their fur that not make them more beautiful, on the contrary it makes them even more ugly. This is often true they are old, and they say it will make them younger, on the contrary it makes them the oldest and most vicious. “


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