Sunday, June 21, 2015

Manuel Valls attack Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve and … Zahia – Le Point

RMC got an exceptional interview with Brigitte Bardot, very rare in the media on Sunday. Invited to speak on the show Your animals , the star has led many rants. First against Manuel Valls, whose ears must have been burning this morning. Addressing the issue of bullfighting, the animal rights activist blasted the Prime Minister. “This is outrageous [...] it is tauromaniaque, he finds it’s great bullfighting. But it’s disgusting, it’s the killing of an animal,” she said.

The former actress, who rebelled against the ritual slaughter of animals and wrote to Bernard Cazeneuve this week about it, also launched a pike at the head of state. “At the beginning of his term, Hollande had answered me, but he said he could not do anything,” she says. “It is fine to make friends with Muslims, but Muslims must accept French laws slaughter of animals [...]. The sacrifice of animals without stunning previously, it is abominable for animal suffering and stress, “says Brigitte Bardot.

” What do you want to chat with Deneuve and her furs? “

” girlfriend Amie “She will not be with Catherine Deneuve. “Wearing fur is evidence of appalling cruelty. [...] Women who wear these furs disgust me even more”, asserts Brigitte Bardot. “Their fur, it does not make them more beautiful. On the contrary, it makes them even more ugly. It’s true they often are old, and they say it will make them younger.” And thinks she actresses who wear? “What you want to discuss with Catherine Deneuve and her furs? There’s nothing to do,” says one who left the cinema in 1973 to devote himself to the defense of animals.

Brigitte Bardot is back on Zahia, muse naked Peta in the latest advertising campaign of the association. If it finds the young woman “very charming” BB asks: “I do not know how the fact to get naked can defend animal rights.” As for his reclusive existence in St. Tropez, she says she “twelve dogs today and hundreds of animals: cats, horses, a donkey, chickens, ducks …” However, says -t she, “I am a bit disabled, I have trouble walking, I have at home people who help me to take care of animals.”


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