Friday, June 19, 2015

Tom Hanks, driver extreme in a Clint Eastwood movie – Le Figaro

The unforgettable interpreter of Forrest Gump could embody the pilot Chesley Sullenberger, who saved the lives of 155 people in 2009, in an upcoming movie: Sully .

Actor Tom Hanks could be powered headlining the upcoming Clint Eastwood. The actor who played Forrest Gump should interpret the pilot Chesley Sullenberger, dubbed the “Hero of the Hudson ‘after his miraculous landing of an Airbus A320 order. The aircraft struck geese.

The film, called Sully , will be inspired by the autobiography co-written with Jeffrey Zaslow airplane pilot, Highest Duty: My Search for What Really Matters . For the scenario, the director of American Sniper turned to Todd Komarnicki, writer of Perfect Stranger . Shooting is planned for the end of the year. Tom Hanks is definitely no stranger to biopics: he was already the epitome of Jim Lovell Apollo 13 or that of Walt Disney in the dark Saving Mr. Banks .

In addition, Tom Hanks will also play in the upcoming feature film by Steven Spielberg, The Bridge of Spies , a historical thriller about the Cold War. The film, written by the Coen Brothers, recounts the incident of the U-2 in 1960. The actor will play James Donovan and the lawyer hired by the CIA, tried to free the pilot Gary Powers, the prisoner of Soviet .


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