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Game of Thrones: Now a first revelation of the season … 6 – Screenrush

Now that the season 5 of “Game of Thrones” is over, he’ll have to wait many months before returning to Westeros. But a first element of the story was unveiled – SPOILER WARNING !!!

Warning: the following article contains spoilers, since he returned to one of the events in the heart of the final Season 5 of “Game of Thrones” and reveals an element of 6. It is obvious that it is better to go your way on pain of a wasted surprise, only to return without fear then.

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now? When starting the end credits of the final episode of Season 5, many Game of Thrones fans have had to ask. And for good reason: given the complicated situation in which the characters find themselves, knowing that there are more books for clues, it seems very difficult to know what the writers we reserve for next year.

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There still has an exception, which will certainly not appeal to everyone. Asked by Entertainment Weekly , Kit Harington clarified the situation of Jon Snow, very very bad shape at the end of the episode as lying in a pool of blood: “I was told that I was dead . I am dead. I do not return next season “ says the actor.

What would be its place in the Top 5 of the series dead?

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Cutting short any possibility of returning more or less miraculous, Kit Harington then returned on his last day of shooting: “I wanted to stop me and I had a tear in his eye “, he said. ” I was much more moved than I thought being “ says the actor before revealing his biggest regret in relation to the series: “What [Jon] never discovered who his mother is the thing that breaks my heart more.”

Will we finally discover the identity of the latter in Season 6, just to recover from the shocking news dead? Answer in spring 2016. Until then, Kit Harington will be the poster youth Memories September 9, and will turn the next film by Xavier Dolan, The Life and Death of John F. Donovan, while his former classmates will resume the path of Westeros.

It will be featured in “Spooks”, adaptation of the series “[MI: 5]“, available in e-cinema in H2 2015:

Spooks: The Greater Good Trailer


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