The composer James Horner in 2006. – EPS / Rex Features / REX / SIPA
* Anne Demoulin

James Cameron is that John Williams is Steven Spielberg. The composer James Horner died Monday in a plane crash in Santa Barbara. We owe him not far from a hundred compositions. Four notes to mark the danger, some traditional Irish music elements anthology of iconic compositions of James Horner.


The music composed by James Horner for Titanic is the orchestral soundtrack best selling of all time. With Titanic , the artist won the only Oscar of his career, one of the best film music and that of the best original song with My heart will go on. Initially, James Cameron did not want a song for his film. James Horner secretly organizes records with Celine Dion. The result eventually convinced the director


James Horner wrote three times to Mel Gibson. The Man Without a Face , Apocalypto and Braveheart . The original music of the Scottish medieval epic was directed by James Horner and performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. The composer will be named in 1996 for the Oscar for best film music.


Avatar is the third collaboration with James Horner James Cameron after Alien and Titanic . The composer worked with Wanda Bryant, an ethnomusicologist, to create the music culture of the alien race. He was preparing to compose the music for following the saga.

“A Beautiful Man”

James Horner composed a lot for Ron Howard. He was responsible for the music of Cocoon , Willow , Apollo 13 , but also feature crowned by the Oscar for best film A Beautiful Mind .

“Apollo 13″

James Horner worked for Apollo 13 with the singer Scottish Annie Lennox, former leader of the cult band Eurythmics on the title The dark side of the moon .

“Star Trek II”

James Horner only 28 years old when the director Nicholas Meyer appealed to him to compose the music for the second part of the film adaptation of Star Trek . The 1982 film allows him to become an important composer in Hollywood.

“Legends of the Fall”

The melodrama Edward Zwick inspired by a story by Jim Harrison , Legends of the Fall with Brad Pitt comes to theaters in 1996. James Horner is named Golden Globe for best movie soundtrack.


James Horner won the first of the ten Oscar nominations with the soundtrack of the series Alien . This film marks the beginning of the collaboration between James Cameron and composer.

“The Name of the Rose”

James Horner composed the original music for the thriller The Name Pink , adapted by Jean-Jacques Annaud’s eponymous novel by Umberto Eco. The director and the composer became friends. They then meet for Stalingrad , Black Gold and The Last Wolf .

“Fievel or the new world “

James Horner won with Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil for Somewhere out there, performed by Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram, Grammy Award for Song of the year.