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Terminator Genisys is far from the predicted catastrophe (critical) – Cinema

Apocalypse. Now. Terminator Genisys starts there or Terminator 3 stopped, ie when the film finally starting to become well: the Apocalypse according to St James. The Last Judgement. The incredible scene of the nightmare Sarah Connor Terminator 2 , but that happens in real life. Finally, digital true. Difficult to measure up to the creator of the saga, by tracing one of the most masterful scenes he filmed. But as is wont to tell Cameron, the secret of the success of a film is to put the bar so high that when the magnifying glass, it is well above the success of others. So we still indulgent, with this first sequence the lights effects, but luckily smoothed by 3D. Especially ably mounted alternately with the credits, the following images depict the final storming of Skynet by humans into the future of 2029, the ultimate victory of men against machines.

The original scene

For any fan of the saga who respects, these minutes are a full foot. We recognize almost shot by shot the scene, mythical, originally written by Cameron for the pre-credits Terminator 2 , he had reluctantly removed for lack of resources. A scene that existed since 1991 in the public imagination, fed by the script and storyboards, as they appeared in the book Terminator 2: an illustrated screenplay . A fantasy waiting to realization, whose hope diminished over the years. Five minutes into the movie, so when one realizes, when the machines are collapsing, that Terminator Genisys has literally taken over the script, storyboards, and even the original dialogues of the pre-credits lost T2 and in this state, hardly rewritten. We then begin to understand why James Cameron so loved this Genisys and sees it as the true third installment of the saga …

& gt; & gt; & gt; James Cameron Terminator approves Genisys

The first half hour of the film, who arrives without having judged in advance what Terminator 5th name (or 36th, if you count all the episodes of the series Sarah Connor Chronicles ), respects, a few unhappy about artistic choices, the bias on the Future War James Cameron . The ultimate moment, as desired by the fans, the key to the vault elusive saga is finally here, before our eyes. The mythical scene or Kyle Reese (now played by Jai Courtney ) is sent through the machine to travel in time, carried out exactly according to Cameron arts concepts. Although the actors have changed, this scene is finally here, celluloid, visible, concrete. By itself, it would almost be the ticket.

Suddenly, 2017

The film takes us then, as its hero Kyle Reese in 1984 playing the card of the parallel universe that the trailers we sell for months. Replay of the scene of the arrival of the T-800 deal with punks, fight between the old T-800 ( Arnold Schwarzenegger , aka “Pops”) against its double fresh, discovering the ” new “Sarah Connor … Everything in these scenes, exudes respect for the first two games of James Cameron . Images are bluish color steel, with just a hint of green, like the two original films. Caught in this bias foolish screenplay parallel timeline (the Terminator were never the Back to the Future , although the screenplay based lends) one begins to believe that Alan Taylor was successful in hit and we finally holds a Terminator ersatz those headed by Cameron. As if Terminator 2 had been made in 1987 by Martin Campbell , as originally envisaged

& gt;! & Gt; & gt; Terminator: the secret history of the birth of a cult saga

The first half hour is the best overall result ever given to the 3 films of James Cameron (if you count T2-3D ), dominated by an imperial Schwarzenegger. Emilia Clarke is almost convincing Sarah Connor and we could even forgive most foul cast (Jai Courtney, smooth, while it is yet in the center of the story and is supposed to carry the film on his shoulders). The PG-13 rating is not even feel both insults and bullets burst forth at all costs. The action is relentless, and the pleasure of seeing Arnold in the role that made him famous outweighs the flaws. The inclusion of the title of the Ramones “I Wanna Live” (originally, the piece that appeared in place of “You Could Be Mine” from Guns & amp; Roses in T2) shows how far the writers also went to fish inspiration and magic of the saga. When “Pops”, the T-800, finally brutally despatche the T-1000, at the price of his own physical integrity, we say that without reaching the heights of Mad Max Fury Road , the Terminator there will embark for a fun rollercoaster screenplay Series B luxury, to the point of creating his own identity, and surprise us all the way.

Unfortunately, as soon as hero teleport in 2017 the film collapses. The idea is heated, borrowed from the pilot of the series Sarah Connor Chronicles , who steals the film as the concept of a policeman, played here by the excellent JK Simmons , who discovered the existence of machines in the past and looks for years to convince himself that he is not crazy. Autopilot, deprived of the crutch Cameron’s original material, Terminator Genisys becomes a succession of digital action scenes tasteless luxury telefilm, interspersed endless tunnels of explanatory dialogues.

The film feels cuts and rewrites throughout the second half, which happens to have the characterization of the characters, who become nothing more than puppets explaining a temporal paradox that seems beyond them, there or both original movie managed to inform us with disarming simplicity.

The weight of the legacy

Worse, Genisys neglects the T-800 in this second part during which the star seems to get in and out of scenes according to his location schedule of availability and deals only sparingly of his old age – though a brilliant idea (“I am old, not obsolete “). It’s like, full of good ideas, the film could not arrange them properly to develop them, in the image of this scene or Sarah Connor listening to the Ramones walkman while Pops and Reese, both men of his life, lend themselves to effective competition to fill chargers in which loses Pops: assembly, awkward, ruin the scene, never daring to push the comedy into a corner. The chemistry between Sarah and Kyle never takes either and romance side, move along, there’s no love to see.

But despite all these defects, Terminator Genisys is not the announced catastrophe. This is even the best Terminator from T2-3D , surpassing effortlessly previous two films and TV series. While it lacks the bar a real director and author rather than an effective craftsman, but personality as Alan Taylor , which is a virtuoso with either the action or with the characters . We can criticize the bias to include the film in the mold of the modern digital blockbuster superhero, but it is forgotten that the first film he also scored in another then commercial mold, that of psycho-killer film, and Terminator 2 created the modern blockbuster mold! The difference is that where Cameron in the original films, managed to subvert the genre, claiming within seconds the concept of copyright blockbuster, Genisys is lost, wobbling under the weight of the inheritance, without strong personality at the helm, and never manages to take off. In the next episode, perhaps? Because-this is certain. He will return

David Fakrikian

Terminator Genisys Alan Taylor Arnold Schwarzenegger , Emilia Clarke , Jai Courtney , Jason Clarke comes out on July 1 in rooms.


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