Tuesday, June 23, 2015

James Horner, composer of “Titanic”, died in a plane crash – Le Point

His name might tell you anything, but if you love movies, you like James Horner. His compositions traverse the history of the 7th art since 1979. And it is he who is behind the music of Titanic , including the famous “My heart will go on” for which he received an Oscar the best soundtrack and the best song. His plane, he flew himself, crashed Monday north of Santa Barbara.

“We have lost an extraordinary person with a huge heart and an incredible talent,” wrote about his Facebook page’s assistant James Horner, Sylvia Patrycja, who confirmed his death. “He died doing what he loved to do. “He left us at age 61, leaving behind more than 100 film soundtracks.

” Keeping track of what the heart must feel “

” My job c is to ensure that each turn of the film is something that viewers can feel in their heart, “explained Horner in an interview with Los Angeles Times in 2009.” When we lose a hero When someone wins, when someone hand, when someone disappears, every time I’m in the trace that the heart is supposed to feel. That’s my main role. “

Regular contributor James Cameron, James Horner worked on music in 1986 Alien for which he was nominated for an Oscar, before tackling in 1997 his best known work, Titanic , whose soundtrack passed 27 million copies worldwide. He replied again with Cameron call in 2009 for Avatar . He also worked on the action of the film which are scheduled for 2017 and 2018.

“I’m too rebellious”

In addition to the works of Cameron, James Horner is particular to the original soundtrack of Braveheart (1995), A Beautiful Mind (2001), of Dreams (1989 ) or Apollo 13 (1995). Many of his compositions are preparing to go out to the movies, including The Rage stomach Antoine Fuqua (July 22 in France) and The 33 with Antonio Banderas, which tells the imprisonment of the 33 men trapped in the collapse of a mine in Chile. In addition to his two Oscars won, Horner had collected 10 nominations.

“I’m much more demanding today in my choices,” he confided in December about his career. “I do not want to make these films for which 85 or 90 composers fight, rather than six. And all these action movies … We do not propose to everyone, of course, but quite often and I know we do not ask me to do something original, I am asked to apply a formula. I’m too rebellious for. “

LISTEN soundtrack of Braveheart (1995)


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