Tuesday, June 30, 2015

With Beats 1, Apple is also expanding into the radio – Liberation

A free radio, broadcasting twenty-four hours twenty-four, led by facilitators who share the hours when they broadcast the music they want. That’s what the paper proposes Beats 1, Apple’s online radio, which will be heard from on Tuesday. Not a crazy innovation, nothing less than a traditional music radio (although 5 stars by its cast) such as FM waves are populated for decades.

Its launch will take place simultaneously with that of Apple Music. The new music streaming platform is designed to devour competitors Spotify, Deezer or Pandora. For this, a free trial period of three months in early subscription (and paid artists, from the sling conducted by the rights holders pasionaria Taylor Swift) affordable subscription rates and obviously extensive library. Alongside this pachyderm arrival on the streaming market, Beats 1 then, and Connect, a kind of social network where artists can share content directly with listeners.

The “new” Beats 1 surprises at a time when Spotify, Deezer or of Pandora bardent algorithms laying playlists suggesting listeners with news that fit their tastes. These music discovery options have their critics: they let the listeners in their comfort zone. Apple Music also propose but efforts primarily on Beats 1. editorialized programs, the people behind the microphones, playlists composed by hand. A real return to the starting point.

A star of the BBC, Elton John and Dr. Dre on the air

As always with Apple, the ambition is to type in the top range. For this, the firm Apple had announced in February 2015 a rookie weight: Zane Lowe, DJ superstar in the UK. The New Zealander, pure product MTV, for thirteen years had ensured the lively musical program of evening BBC Radio 1. A must for the cream of pop, Coldplay and Kanye West at the same time a space Zane Lowe where music discovery propelled jumble Arctic Monkeys, Alt-J or Haim. His first interviewed on Beats 1 has already been announced: it will be Eminem. Zane Lowe will face Beats 1, with recruits Ebro Darden Adenuga or Julie. Only English programs currently broadcast live from Los Angeles, New York and London.

 Capturing & # XE9; Instagram account guts Julie Adenuga

Besides these professional curators, Beats 1 put the package by announcing flashy names in the presentation of special programs. Dr. Dre (the founder of the Beats brand) will provide hour show titled The Pharmacy , this pioneer of talent what Elton John will propose in his Rocket Hour a mix between old and new pop hits, Pharell and Drake are also planned … Like any good product must also have its mythology, Apple explains that Trent Reznor, leader of Nine Inch Nails (and one of the key designers of Apple Music), which would have first submitted the idea for the radio défricheuse new sounds.

Beats 1, a real radio?

The arrival of this luxury webradio still poses several questions. She will be heard? Online Radios have never triggered foolish passions, the podcast (which should probably offer Beats 1) being suitable for smartphones. Apple seems to rely on the appeal of these great names in music for the 15-35 age iPhone owners submit to a program they have not chosen. According to Cortney Harding, consultant for start-up music and former editor of the magazine Billboard , no doubt, Beats 1 “will work well and will be interesting since People still listen to traditional radio. But it will not be so huge that it “

Another question. How independent will the presenters in their music selection? Apple boasts the pioneer aspect of its future radio. Besides that, most private FM radio stations are already subject to commercial imperatives imposed by the hearing and labels. In comparison, Apple has an entire iTunes library for sale: what to ask many concerns in terms of freedom of programming for facilitators. Beats 1 will she a real radio? In that Zane Lowe says the New York Times, we did not necessarily feel. “It has desperately tried to find another name for radio Beats 1, and the DJ explained. We did not succeed.”


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