Monday, June 29, 2015

Rihanna and Chris Brown darn song – Le Figaro

VIDEO – At the BET Awards ceremony, the former couple would be reconciled. The singer knew all the words of the new title of the former (future?) Companion.

After years of tumultuous relationship, Rihanna and Chris Brown seem be on the way of reconciliation. Sunday night at the BET Awards ceremony, fans spotted encouraging signs: the star of Barbados was filmed knowing all the words of the song Post To Be performed live by her former partner and singer Omarion. A Rihanna smiling and swaying in his chair, he does not need more to convince the public: the link would be resumed between the two stars.

A source told the US media even Hollywood Life Rihanna has not mounted the steps of the ceremony, but went to the dressing room to congratulate Chris Brown. The couple lived a passionate history from 2007 to 2009 before Chris Brown strikes his companion then aged 21 years. It had quickly become the laughing stock of radios and the public for about two years.

The former star couple of American music would be on the path of reconciliation. Both busy with their careers, they are two of the most influential figures in their environment, thus attracting paparazzi and jealousy. Latest proof, Rihanna can not hide anything from her love life: it is currently very close to the footballer Karim Benzema. She continues to make the headlines.

Far from being annoyed by all the hype, it plays. She had fun sharing a teaser for his next clip Bitch Better Have My Money , to be unveiled Tuesday, June 30 For almost two minutes a woman is preparing to release before disappearing “mysteriously” when she finds herself alone in an elevator company in Rihanna. It then emerges with a large suitcase, leaving some doubt about the causes of this disappearance …


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