Friday, June 12, 2015

Orange is the New Black: season 3 “lighter” and “playful … – Screenrush

The third season of the dramedy Orange is the New Black is launched this Friday, June 12 on Netflix. Find out what the press thinks …


The season 3 of Orange is the New Black starts this Friday, June 12 on Netflix. The dramedy of Jenji Kohan, carried by a bloated and formidable cast (Laura Prepon, Taylor Schilling, Kate Mulgrew or Uzo Aduba, awarded Emmy for his performance), returns with 14 new episodes in binge watcher

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For The Oregonian: “At the risk of being a little poopers I would like the series to be broadcast weekly. The first 6 episodes of season 3 are so good, and so we connect to the many characters that make up this incomparable together … “ Note 5

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To The Hollywood Reporter: “All the spectators like at Orange is the New Black seems to be the party for this third season (…) But we also note the tone lighter than ever in the series, with many very funny scenes, here and there, especially with the children visit prisoners (… ) This is the kind of change of tone that never frightens Jenji Kohan and she pulls out remarkably here, giving the first episode of season 3 more depth than we have imagined. “ Rating: 4.5

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To HitFix: “The four episodes are viewed as evidence that Orange remains smart, funny and poignant . And every year also shows that the series becomes more conscious and sarcastic … “ Note: 4

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“Orange remains as smart, funny and poignant” according HitFix

For the Time: “In the beginning of season 3 of the series from Netflix, the theme of the mother-child relationship – natural, potential or adoption – is everywhere, infusing this first half of the season a lighter intrigue the season 2 any voltage, yet rich emotionally. “ Note: 4

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For Variety: “After a bit scattered in season 2, this third chapter is somewhat more playful, traveled solid flashbacks, revealing a little more his characters (…) The series is regularly traversed by brilliant dialogues, to the credit of its creator Jenji Kohan and his team of writers, such as dark scenes comic as this bed bug epidemic within the prison. At its best, Orange managed to question our perspective on these prisoners. “ Note: 4

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For the New York Post: “This time, Orange seems a bit too light Thanks to. wonderful actors and writing, we have the feeling to know these prisoners and appreciate Maybe even too They make us afraid, which destroys some of the tension of the plot only problem…: the series is supposed to take place in a prison “ Rating: 3.5

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Orange Is the New Black -! … A prison in central Paris

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