Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Schwarzenegger: “I have always been ready to play again Terminator” – Le Figaro

EXCLUSIVE – At 67, the former Governator revisits the character that made him famous thirty years ago. Lucidly about his age and a good dose of jubilation. Meet a living legend in action cinema.

Thirty years after his famous line “I’ll be back” (“I shall return”) Arnold Schwarzenegger endorses the Perfecto terrifying Terminator again. At 67, the former governor of California revisits the characters that made him famous. With great pleasure he seems. Black polo, short hair, head-shaped rings of death in the fingers, the former Mister Universe always displays an iron. The icon of action cinema of the 1980s book unvarnished, with a hint of self-mockery. Be careful though with hard questions. Although …

LE FIGARO. – What was your first reaction when you proposed to become Terminator, thirty years after the first film

Arnold Schwarzenegger?. – In fact, I always stood ready to take over the role. The only time I stood on the sidelines of the character, it was in the days when I was governor.

The Terminator that you play has gray hair. A bit like Sean Connery who played an old James Bond in Never Say Never Again, you have the chance to revisit your favorite character at different stages of life …

I just thought that it was smart to deal with old age, from the moment when one stands by my appearance … and age that I have. Because yes, I’m different Terminator 1984, directed by James Cameron. How can we pretend that I am the same as before. It would not have made sense.

Do you feel prisoner heroes you have played throughout your career, like Terminator or Conan the Barbarian?

A little. But admit it’s a damn nice prison. It’s like someone saying, “You’re going to stay locked in a prison full of pretty women for five years.” In these circumstances, I signed right away. I was not forced to replay Terminator. It is I who have chosen to do so.

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