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The large sculpture by Anish Kapoor at Versailles was vandalized – The World

The sculpture of Anish Kapoor in Versailles, June 5

The most imposing works of sculptor Anish Kapoor installed in the castle of Versailles, a steel trunk to the obvious sexual connotations, was vandalized by jets “superficial” of yellow paint, has-been learned Wednesday, June 17 with the direction of the field

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“A deterioration of the work ‘Dirty Corner’ was found Wednesday morning. This is superficial paint jets. It is being cleaned “ is are we the same source. The work is often described in the press “vagina Queen” , a formula that Kapoor says he never used.

“The obscurantism of some “

Located in the main axis of the park, the green rug, that rusty steel tunnel 60 meters long opens towards the castle by a kind of trompe , described as “very sexual” by Kapoor. It is surrounded by excavations and huge boulders (up to 25 tons), some painted red blood.

No claim of this act of vandalism has been received by the management of the domain Versailles and no particular signs were observed near the work. No complaints were filed. The elected Socialists of the Versailles City Council expressed in a statement their “outrage” before this attack on freedom of expression, saying “inadmissible as art, vector Emancipation, undergo obscurantism of some “.

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Versailles opened to contemporary art

In October 2014, a provocative work shaped sex toy giant American artist Paul McCarthy, installed Place Vendome in Paris, had been vandalized by unknown persons who had disconnected the power to the blower now the inflatable structure and cut several straps. After this act of vandalism, McCarthy, who was slapped by a stranger during the installation of the work, decided to dismantle it.

Without concessions, Kapoor exhibition at Versailles sparked an early controversy. Besides “Dirty Corner” , the artist positioned in the central axis of the park three other works, two large mirrors and a “Vortex” , a circular pool whose ‘rotating water opens in its center to the depths. British sculptor of Indian origin also placed in a grove a red cube sculpture breakthrough hoses and in the historic hall of the Tennis Court, a cannon firing wax bullets.

Versailles is open for several years and some contemporary art exhibitions such as those of Jeff Koons (2008), Murakami (2010) or Joana Vasconcelos (2012) in the royal apartments had been controversial. Since these episodes, the current president of the domain Catherine Pégard, named in 2011, calls for artists search for supposed connections with the place

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