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The film “Love”, no under 18? – Stars News

[CINEMA] Presented by many as the most sulphurous 68th Film Festival in Cannes – one of its posters had been squarely placed “X” – Gaspar Noé’s film “Love” was presented in a midnight screening during the Festival and was originally to be no under 16 years. Yes, but here …

After the affair “Saw 3D The Final Chapter” – to memory the State Council has forbidden to minors 5 years after its release – the Minister of Culture and Communication has asked that “Love” returns to the commission in the hope perhaps of a more severe classification.

© Wild Bunch Distribution

© Wild Bunch Distribution

The reaction of Wild Bunch Distribution will s’ was swift. In a statement it regretted and expressed dismay at the request of the Minister while the classification of films commission recommended last week a prohibition to -. 16 years

“We can not but a surprising approach hitherto reserved to a combination of extreme conservatism (…) We have no doubt that the commission will issue a notice to the same precedent and will continue to support and assist a demanding film, bold and in step with the times . “Wrote Wild Bunch.

The opportunity to return to this sensual film that divided critics

Metro Montreal,” Love “is” a love story with … love scenes, “even though” it was rumored that this is the most daring feature of the festival. “

First says that the film” is perhaps not expected the controversial movie ” and that during its projection “a lot of spectators left” while others were sleeping!

Metro News says that “Gaspar Noe did this time shows in a totally unexpected simplicity”, concluding it “would be crazy to hide his pleasure before this film a colossal plasticity, before this romantic-sensual journey, psycho-trash and ultimately fundamentally draping that reshuffles the cards an increasingly sanitized French cinema. “

Synopsis:. A January 1 in the morning, the phone rings. Murphy, 25, wakes up surrounded by his young wife and two year old child. He listens to his answering machine. On the message, Electra’s mother asks him, very worried if he had no news of her daughter long gone. She fears that it happened a serious accident.
During a long rainy day, Murphy finds himself alone in his apartment to remember his greatest love story, two years with Electra. A passion with all kinds of promises, games, excesses and errors …


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