Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Top 5 cults moments of Jean d’Ormesson on TV – BBC

On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of academician, back on his highlights on TV.

This Tuesday, June 16, 2015, Jean d’Ormesson celebrates its 90 years. Writer, columnist, former director of Le Figaro : there are countless activities that member of the French Academy since 1973. To celebrate his birthday, return on cults moments of academician on TV .

When he did not believe one day enter the French Academy (1970)

Then director of the International Council of Philosophy and Humanities to Unesco and deputy editor of the journal Diogenes , Jean d’Ormesson is interviewed by Frantz-André Burguet. The opportunity to evoke his childhood marked by his bourgeois family or the family castle of Saint Fargeau. This is one of his first television interviews. At the time, he did not believe one day to enter the French Academy. A rather unusual statement when we know that will be elected in 1973.

His slip with François Mitterrand (1992)

In September 1992, Jean d Ormesson is invited to debate with François Mitterrand in the issuance of Guillaume Durand , Today Europe on the ratification of the Maastricht Treaty. The slip of the journalist much fun the President of the Republic.

“Marriage is a nightmare” (1992)

Guest Leatherheads submitted by Thierry Ardisson in 1992, Jean d’Ormesson gives his view of marriage: “Marriage is a formidable test … a nightmare.” It is yet married to Frances in 1962, one that will become the mother of his daughter Heloise.

When Jamel Debbouze teaches him to make spelling mistakes (2001)

A few years later, in another show, Thierry Ardisson offers to answer questions by making spelling mistakes. An exercise that will be hard to achieve. Fortunately Jamel Debbouze is present on the board to help him.

Jean d’Ormesson … the Galeries Lafayette! (2006)

In a report in Tea or Coffee on France 2, viewers were able to see the philosopher strolling the aisles and the Musée Grevin Galeries Lafayette. And inevitably, we find the radius of books. A trip that inspired it as it recognizes that the department store escalators remind him of Hitchcock films.


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