Monday, June 29, 2015

“Top Gun 2″ ready to take off with Tom Cruise! – Point

It was to be expected: Top Gun , the highest grossing box office 1986, could not remain eternally untouchable. Number of Hollywood producers have long cherished the idea of ​​a sequel and, after five years in the limbo of the development project, this sequel will indeed be launched. Tom Cruise on view at that.

The producer David Ellison, who seems to become specialist franchise resurrections, confirmed during his promotional tour for Terminator Genisys Berlin. He explained that the screenplay is being written and that he has a way “phenomenal update this world with what the Navy fighter pilots have become today.”

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“I do not think that’s what people expect and hope to make the film very soon,” he said, before responding to the public’s main question “There is a fantastic role for Maverick in the film. No Top Gun and it will be without Maverick Maverick playing the role of Maverick. [...] As everybody knows Tom, he will want to be 100% in these aircraft being actually turn. “It was therefore confirmed that Tom Cruise, who loves perform his own stunts, will resume the service.

The end of the pilot?

According to initial rumors, Top Gun 2 will look at the growing use of drones in the military and will raise the question of the usefulness of the pilot in this new era. In a speech last April, the Secretary of State to the Navy and said that the F-35C “should be and will almost certainly be the last manned fighter aircraft by men that the Department of the Navy of the United United buys and will fly “

The statements of David Ellison actually go in this direction..” When we look at the world of air combat, which is interesting, it ‘ it is no longer the way it was when there Top Gun is released … In the new film will explore the end of an era for air combat and fighter pilots, and that this culture is today. “


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