Sunday, June 21, 2015

Brigitte Bardot: “Manuel Valls is a tauromaniaque” – TF1

Sunday Brigitte Bardot was the guest of the RMC radio. The former actress spoke for an hour on his fight for animal welfare. She pushed many rants: bullfighting, fur, ritual slaughter of farm thousand cows … everything goes.


The former actress lingered on the practice of bullfighting in France. “This is outrageous, Prime Minister Manuel Valls, it is tauromaniaque he finds it’s great bullfighting, but this is disgusting, I am outraged, that is the killing of an animal” denounced Brigitte Bardot.

Ritual slaughter

“It is fine to make friends with Muslims, but Muslims must accept French laws of slaughter, “said the former actress and continues:” What shocks me is that we always accept ritual slaughter in France, that is, saying the sacrifice of the animal without stunning previously, it is abominable to the animal suffering and stress “.


“Wearing fur is evidence of appalling cruelty. (…) The animals are kept in atrocious conditions (…) women who wear these furs disgust me even more “launched Brigitte Bardot before continuing.” Their fur, it does not make the best the contrary, it makes even more ugly. It’s true they often are old, and they say it will make them younger. ” The former actress then makes Catherine Deneuve. “What you want to discuss with Catherine Deneuve and her furs? There’s nothing to do” lamented Brigitte Bardot.

The farm of a thousand cows

“This is a horror” exclaimed Brigitte Bardot in response to the opening of the said farm thousand cows in the Somme. “Here we do not care the sensitivity of cows is the channel they are milked, they sleep, they never see a meadow nor the sun, that’s what the government is doing (… ) Mankind goes towards what? Towards Industrialized all, there will be nothing natural? ” denounced the former actress.


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