Friday, June 26, 2015

The middle X violently denigrates Love Gaspar Noé – Le Figaro

While Fleur Pellerin, Minister of Culture and Communication, hopes that the movie is forbidden at least of 18, a former pornographic actress, who participated in the filming of the movie, panned the project of French director.

We thought the buried controversy since the Cannes festival. Nay. This Friday, Wild Bunch, distributor sour Love Gaspar Noé, announced in a statement that the film would start in classification commission, upon request by the Minister of Culture and Communication. While its release in France is scheduled for July 15, it could be that Love is no longer banned at least 16 years but 18 years.

Is the query Fleur Pellerin justified? To believe the former porn actress Angell Summers, who participated in the film, the answer seems to be yes, and yes again: “To be honest, even if the team was top notch, I really feel the filming of a pornographic movie, “said she dropped on the site The Obs May 22, after the screening at the 68th Cannes Film Festival. He added: “Scene in a libertine club, discovery of the world by a young couple, porn actresses on 15cm heels, sequences that end with ejaculation of a man … Everything was like during my five years in this business. “

For the actress,” this film just looks like a porn movie big-budget, slightly intellectual. ” “Why make this film and why is it better than a film Marc Dorcel ? Simply because it is made by a big name in cinema? “She asks. And adds: “I find that unfortunate. Consumers are not the same, or at least not-can I watch these kinds of movies for the same reasons and in the same way. I do not think it necessarily flaw use sex to talk about his film “

As recalled Angell Summers, criticism has not been kind to Gaspar Noé -.” Love is a movie Saturday night on Canal + in love with a painful argument, “specifically commented Le Figaro. Far from defending the project to which it participated, the X actress does not mince words: “There is no interest in this story, sex is believed there for free. [...] I really think that for once, Gaspar missed the test, except he did talk about him. But this is not enough to make a good film that stands out. “If Love not even convinced enthusiasts sex, it’s hard to imagine how he could satisfy fans film writers … and fill French cinemas.


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