Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Kapoor’s sculpture was vandalized at Versailles – TF1

The sculpture Kapoor does not please everyone. The steel tunnel described in the press as “the vagina of the Queen”, was vandalized on Wednesday by superficial paint jets.

Located in the main axis of the park, the green rug, that rusty steel tunnel 60 meters long opens towards the castle by a kind of trumpet, described as “very sexual” by Kapoor.
It is surrounded by excavations and huge boulders (up to 25 tons), some painted red blood. No claim of this vandalism is reached the direction of domain Versailles and no particular signs were observed near the work. No complaints were filed.

The work of Mc Carth also vandalized

elected socialist Council News of Versailles expressed in a statement their “indignation” at this attack on freedom of expression, saying “inadmissible that art, emancipation vector undergoes the obscurantism of a few”. It is being cleaned, “he is it the same source.

In October 2014, a provocative work shaped sex toy giant American artist Paul McCarthy, Place Vendôme installed in Paris, had been vandalized by unknown persons who had disconnected the power to the blower now the inflatable structure and cut several straps.

Video: At Versailles, the exposure is controversial Kapoor


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