Saturday, June 13, 2015

With its #lesjuifs comedy, Yvan Attal wants to “dismantle anti-Semitism” – Cinema

“I could very well do the same film on Arab, blacks, homosexuals …” Yvan Attal wants to attack anti-Semitism by the comic angle to his next film

Big casting call for the upcoming comedy Yvan Attal . François Damiens , Gilles Lellouche , Benoît Poelvoorde and Charlotte Gainsbourg . And big ambitions, too. Under the title #lesjuifs , the film -a consequence of skits comiques- intends to address contemporary anti-Semitism (the title as hashtag deceive nobody). A project launched well before the attacks of Charlie Hebdo: and yesterday, in an interview with Israel’s Channel I24news , Yvan expressed concern. “I find that there is a climate in France today where communities withdraw into themselves, where people tend” , he said. “We can not say anything, you can speak. There is a great discomfort. With a little delirious movie on the subject, I hope to speak (above) on the occasion of the exit. “

Yvan recalled that “the Israeli-Palestinian conflict festers many things” because “we associate the Jews to Israel (…) It worries me but not as far as I’m afraid “. To go back on his next film that intends indeed “dismantle anti-Semitism as a comedy” , “j e always told myself that I would make a comedy on the subject “, he says. “Things have become increasingly necessary as and as the growing anti-Semitism in France” . Attal aims to tackle “all the clichés” and says that the film exceeds about it: “I could very well do the same film on Arab, blacks, homosexuals … “

#lesjuifs does not have a release date.


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