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Renaud spell of silence – Le Point

The brother of Renaud announced Saturday morning, in the columns of Parisien, that the singer was about to record new songs, six years after his last album Molly Malone. Renaud responded a few hours later, on the air, the RTL antenna. “Yes, I confirm that for fifteen days I went back to write and it is going well,” said the interpreter of “Mistral winner” in a hoarse voice. “Every idea leads to another and each song leads to another.”

Renaud has also claimed that he had already written a little more than ten texts and that there was ” whereof broadly “make an album. “The music is ready, they were made by my arranger, who is my former guitarist Michael Ohayon and Renan Luce, made me four music four beautiful lyrics.” What has put back on track? “To work, to work with Grand Corps Malade, who had a writing project in common with lots of artists and asked me,” said Renaud. The singer also said that all these songs would be recorded “before next year, in September, the end of September.” Before discussing his fans who priori bias the daily: “If I believe the number of people who come tap me on the shoulder, asking me for an autograph, wanting a picture (…) it is St. Too here, it is the Luberon, Vaucluse. “

” He made all the words “

His last album was in 2009. That was Molly Malone , reversals of Irish ballads. But Renaud’s better, according to Le Parisien . “I wrote 14 songs I want to record quickly,” explains singer on Saturday in the newspaper. The paper briefly met Renaud in L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, the town of Vaucluse where he is now installed.

Thierry Séchan, brother of Renaud, confirms that he wrote ” 12 to 14 songs that will record from July 15 to August 15 in Brussels. ” “He has all the words. And the music was composed by bassist Michael Ohayon and her husband, the singer Renan Luce, who made four tunes. The album is almost finished,” said Thierry Séchan. Among his new songs, “I kissed a cop” in “reference to the demonstration on January 11th. Renaud, former columnist for Charlie Hebdo , wrote” to her friends Charlie and two policemen killed during the attacks, “the brother of the singer.

” Mistral winner “favorite song of the French

Still, according to Thierry Séchan, “for now, he can not sing”, “Too many cigarettes, too much Ricard. It must first be found an ENT. That is essential. “But the singer, who has experienced many periods of depression and just turned 63,” looks good, “according to his brother.” I will not tell you that he stopped drinking because I would be lying, but it will, it is no longer drunk. “The slammer Grand Corps Malade, one of those who have taken his songs in two tribute albums La Bande à Renaud published the Last year was one of those who have given him the desire to write, adds Thierry Séchan.

In late May, a survey has identified “Mistral win”, the ballad of Renaud published in 1985, as the “French favorite song of all time,” to “Do not leave me” Brel and “The Black Eagle” by Barbara. The recording activity of “annoying singer” has seriously slowed down for twenty years. His last album of unreleased songs, Red blood , was in 2006.


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