Sunday, June 28, 2015

JoeyStarr violently attacked his former manager – Le Figaro

Saturday evening, the singer and actor has published on social networks denouncing a long message, he said, the methods of Sebastien Farran.

In conflict with his former manager for several weeks, JoeyStarr chose social networks to let go. There is already a month, the rapper released on Instragram a picture of him with Johnny Hallyday, also managed by Sébastien Farran . Commenting, he wrote that he was “robbed”, “cheated” and “left in the lurch” by his representative who managed its taxes “he did not pay.”

“I’m as guilty as him having so delegated to an incompetent” he said, adding that his new album was “momentarily on a siding, held hostage by Sebastien Farran against my silence. ” Not at all decided to be silent, JoeyStarr has therefore submitted a Saturday night layer evoking the Big Festival to be held in Biarritz for its seventh edition from 11 to 19 July.

“All his attempts to smear me will be resolved in court”

Godfather of the first edition, he announced that there not come this year “to no longer give credit to the two impostors who run it, Sébastien Ferran and Nadège Winter,” he wrote. “I worked enough to maintain the summer sessions, cocaine in support, Ibiza Sebastien Farran who struts now under the label manager of one of the biggest French music artists (Johnny Hallyday, ed) he got through my efforts and not the pseudo support he has shown towards my career, this was just the secretariat, “he said.

The singer and actor 47 ads will sue his former manager. “There were all kinds of proxies to be used at will and it is not private, there advance. Today is the time of Auditors and the numbers never lie. All his attempts to smear me and, therefore, ensure its output will adjust to the court. “JoeyStarr Manager since its inception in the group NTM, Sébastien Ferran is also the godfather of one of his son.


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