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“Le Grand Journal” : a death in three acts – Europe1

Canal + is considering to de-program his le Grand Journal in the spring, according to information from the website Puremedias released on Tuesday. It could be replaced by a version that is extended by the Diaryaccording to information from Europe 1. This show that, like anywhere Else in its time, has made the great hours of the encrypted string, arrives at the terminal stage of a disease which gangrene for years.

Act 1 : the departure of Denisot

Chic and glamorous. a Showcase of the chain, to appeal to attract new subscribers, the program launched in 2004 by Michel Denisot has attracted for several years the viewers in this box of the prior evening. The formula is broadcast in the clear, then holds in the form of a talk show combining news and entertainment, with a spirit of band, a nice part made with humour and an image of chic and glamour. In October 2008, Michel Denisot then the throttle broke the record of hearing by receiving Johnny Hallyday on his plateau of 2.7 million viewers are waiting for you.

The first reviews. But after nine years on the air, audiences fall in 2012-2013. “This year, Canal + is being challenged for his presence at Cannes. It is regarded as too many people, too much bling bling,” recalls Eva Roque, media specialist for Europe 1. “The chain is looking to renew with faces, more youth, women”. Michel Denisot, him even thinking of leaving, after shots are heard on the Croisette as he presents his show live from Cannes. “It stuck with me,” he confided to a Parisian, a few months later. The facilitator presents his latest Grand Journal on June 28, 2013. “He left while his show was the realization of good hearings. It competed with C, the issuance of France 5, broadcast also to the same schedule,” recalls Eva Roque.

De Caunes without Garcia. To replace it in September 2013, the chain made a call to Antoine de Caunes : “He was legitimate, he came up with the image of anywhere else,” says Eva Roque. But the actor, former sidekick to Jose Garcia in the greatest hours of Nowhere does not happen to him alone to rebooster hearings that erode as you work (on average 1 million viewers). “We had in mind the spirit of anywhere else, this is no longer the same time. Antoine de Caunes was not there, not more, to make jokes. There was too much expected of him. He couldn’t wear everything,” said the media specialist.

Act 2 : the brand without the background

A new driver, a new producer. In 2015, the business man Vincent Bolloré, after he joined the board of the Canal + group in 2012, takes control of the chain and remodels The Newspaper. It replaces the production company KM of Renaud Le Van Kim by a company’s internal production chain. He also says bye bye to Antoine de Caunes and place the commands in the Grand Journal Maïtena Biraben, a figure of the chain. The presenter and producer is a familiar face to viewers because between 2012 and 2015, she has led the magazine The Supplement.

In Le Grand Journal version Biraben, there is always a part dedicated to the news, with an interview and an integrated log in the show, “but without the spirit of the army”. “This change comes at a time when the info associated with the entertainment begins to be criticized by the viewers as by the policies which seek to control their communication. This is not tolerated at Laurent Ruquier (in It is not Lying on France 2) because they have more time to express themselves”, advanced Eva Roque.

“they are wrong”. With the arrival of Maïtena Biraben, the program underwent an “extreme makeover”, mean a facelift, with the exception of its facade. Change of producer, change of driver, but does not change the name. “They have drained the show of its essence by transforming it, and they have believed that the brand’s Grand Journal would be enough to embark the people,” explains Eva Roque. “This is where they are wrong. They did not feel the evolution of the talk show, even if it is easy to say a posteriori.” Result : the hearings are falling again. Only 760.000 spectators on average remain loyal to the issuance.

Act 3 : the season of too

Finished cuta. The coup de grace is focused in September 2016. After the departure of Maïtena Biraben, the Canal + group announces the arrival of the journalist Victor Robert at the helm of a formula once again revisited. Finished the latest news, insights, culture. The show is the beautiful part to the literature, cinema, and music. “For Vincent Bolloré, Le Grand Journal is a way to make the promo for the Universal, a giant in the music industry, which is part of the same house. It is symptomatic of what the group wants to make Canal +. A string centred on the cinema, the sport and the series,” Eva Roque. “The idea is to create a HBO, the american channel pay that broadcasts series and movies, to the French.”

Exit the Zapping, too political for the taste of Bolloré. As for the Puppets, they arrive in a watered-down version and encrypted. “The group Channel has killed the Horns, coming out of the news. The caricature of Chirac, Sarkozy or Hollande was funny, that Kim Kardashian is much less. There is no identification”, decrypts the journalist media.

No strong identity. humor irreverent suffered the same fate. “It was the trademark of the chain. They have failed in eliminating the pellets as the box in question, the SAV, that worked well. “Le Grand Journal, too, is worth to assert his character, when C à vous on France 5, Key not at my Post on C8 or Le Petit Journal that Yann Barthes has re-created under the name of the Daily on TMC, all have a strong identity. “How would you describe TheGrand Journal ? We don’t know”, asks Eva Roque.

Encrypted or not ? On the form also, Canal + multiplies the errors. At the end of summer 2016, Le Grand Journal is broadcast partly in clear and partly encrypted. Schedules have also been changed. “We can have good presenters, good writers, a program that is well-produced, but changing schedules, and passing a portion encrypted, they can plant a program”, stated Eva Roque. At the end of September, Canal + finally decides to broadcast the entire show in the clear, and re-enter Horns. “It is not possible to do this on television. You can’t gain the loyalty of the viewers without their offer of a regular appointment,” says the journalist.

Six months after the debut of this new formula, the hearings have never been so low. Monday, only 730.000 viewers were in front of their screen. And the death of the Grand Journal is close. “I don’t believe that Vincent Bolloré was desired,” concludes Eva Roque. “But without doubt didn’t do anything to save him. “


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