Thursday, February 2, 2017

VIDEO – Top Chef : Franck insult the other candidates and gets the viewers to back – Gala

Yesterday evening during the episode of Top Chef, Franck Pelux one of the talented candidates of this 8th season has exceeded the limits by insulting his classmates. Cropped by Philippe Etchebest, a young chef aged 28, who operates in China, has enjoyed on the social networks.

It was the secret of his dish, on which was based its success : a sphere which was cool enough in the cells for it all to be yours. Except that the compound isolated, which allows to get quickly the temperature of the dishes is common to all of the other candidates in the contest Top Chef. Then it opens er closes the case at all going to verify whether it is appropriate to allow more or less cool. And this, Franck Pelux, talented competitor who is exercising his art in China, was not able to bear it.

Damn, close this fucking cell “, a-t-he first launched to Wilhelm, the cook, and the number of tattoos is proportional to the talent. “Stop open this fucking cell, you open twenty times the cell, stop a little “, a-t-he added a little later. “ Damn it, Julian ! You do file… They do me ‘ ead in ! Stop open this fucking cell, you me tired, he continued, seeing that Julien opened the door. And to go even further, dealing with the two candidates of the’ motherfuckers “.

extreme tension, reassured by the setting of the show alternating then the plans on the face oozing anger of the candidate 28-year-old and on the mines sidérées of Michel Sarran, Hélène Darroze and Philippe Etchebest. The latter, which was then all stopped to reset the clock to the hour : “Attention to the behavior and words that you can hold. What you’ve said, that I don’t accept it. Should calm down ! “, launched the leader 2 stars, demanding a ” behaviour “. “ He’s right, I’m a little packed, recognized Franck, saying, however, “fed up ” by the stress around the time of its preparation.

stress that it was better managed during the test of the last chance by presenting a dish of cooked carrots and fondant. But too late, the harm done, some users have reported on Twitter the lack of composure of the candidate. With its language of carter Franck should take the door. He believes he is where this gus. “,Franck deserves just one last chance because of his behavior, the guy does is just insult everyone. Down “, Each year there was the good cook but unsympathetic…the trick is that it is HYPER unsympathetic #topchef #TopChef2017 #Franck “, a-t -, one could read, among other things, on the Canvas.


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