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The photo of Beyoncé pregnant again shows the pressure on the body of women –

the announcement of the new pregnancy of the singer, if she did jump for joy to his fans, is a result of multitudes of rumours and theories complotistes.

The 1st of February, when began the “Black History Month” in America is suffocated by the embrace trumpiste, the singer Beyoncé wanted to comfort her country on Instagram. In the caption of a photo rococo resuming the imaging is sacred to the Madonna, it announces the good news, surrounded by a halo of flowers: “We would like to share our love and our happiness. We have been blessed two times. We are incredibly grateful to see that our family will grow, two times, and we thank you for your good wishes. The Carter.”

Ring the bells, raise your arms to the sky, the one that some call Queen B. will give the life a second time. She is expecting twins, the two “divine children”, the fruit of the love of two of the biggest stars on the planet. It was not necessary any more for the internet rolls into a ball and struggled to regain his breath. In less than 24 hours, the photo became the most “liked” in the history of the social network, and the approach of the time when we publish the eight million “hearts”.

“The world is burning and the response of Beyoncé that is: MAKE TWO BEYONCÉS”

For anyone not following with avidity the life of “Bey”, the excitement around the pregnancy can seem mind-boggling. But if we search a little more in detail this part of the internet where Beyoncé reign without sharing, one realizes very quickly that the internet is cultivating for years, a particular obsession for the belly of the singer.

Beyoncé, the fake belly and the surrogate mother

We are on August 28, 2011, and Beyoncé is ready to deliver a service in very particular on the stage of the MTV Video Music Awards. After four minutes spent singing “Love On Top”, it stops the music, throws her microphone, opened her jacket and is about to cause screams of hysteria in the room: a gesture maternal, she stroked her belly announcing to the world that she is expecting her first child. In the first row, Kanye West rushes on Jay-Z, husband of singer, to congratulate him. From that day, the eyes of the internet will also land on its belly and never come loose.

The announcement was perfect but, as noted by Gawker in 2015, Beyoncé’s “began to contradict itself with statements about the progress of her pregnancy”. In interviews and videos of the filming, it gives different information: she was pregnant five or six months at the time of the VMAs? When pictures of his holiday in Croatia, her belly seemed smaller than during the announcement, giving birth to theories which claimed that the singer had just taken a little weight.

The story will take on a proportion surreal in an interview given in October of the same year an australian television. When she arrives on the set of the tv show “Sunday Night” and she is sitting on his chair, his belly seemed to fold, as if he dégonflait.

Thus was born the “Bumpgate” (or “the case of the belly”), a collective hysteria that has reached some of the media and celebrities, but also some women who had themselves given birth, interloquées by the images of the interview. Some implied very clearly that the torque Carter had in fact appealed to a surrogate mother. All of this has cause a fold of the dress. It took several statements of the entourage of the singer and the analysis of specialized doctors for that rumor falls a little.

But then the couple of stars thought to be rid of the ramblings of the web, the conditions of the birth of little Blue Ivy, born on January 7, 2012, allowing them to entertain themselves a little. In fact, Beyoncé and Jay-Z were reserved for birth, a whole floor of a hospital in new york, up to hide the cameras in corridors to enable the family to return home quietly. On this day, Blue Ivy becomes in turn a victim of complotistes obsessed with the Carter family, who then assert that the girl is linked to the Illuminatis and that its name echoes the girl of Lucifer.

In regards to his mother, he must wait until the beginning of the year 2013 and the release of the documentary Life is but a Dream (HBO) to see her speak openly about the rumors, but also of a miscarriage that occurred before she falls pregnant with Blue Ivy. the “It was the saddest thing that I had to go through”, ” she says before explaining that “the pain and the trauma” that followed, have only served to give greater value to the birth of his daughter. the “This is the most ridiculous rumors that he has had about me, she explains to “Bumpgate”. in But there are many people who believe this rumor and I think it’s crazy.” But, again, the images of the documentary, intended to prove her pregnancy are deemed to be unpersuasive because they do not show clearly enough in the belly of the mom-to-be.

Play with the rumours without having the air

Unfortunately, with the years, the tabloids and the internet have not managed to leave the singer alone. In particular, because one knows that the couple has known difficult times, as the singer will later in the album Lemonade. Regularly, clues are found on the stolen photos, on the wire Instagram the singer or at concerts. Between June 2012 and January 2016, the site Bustle has counted twelve rumors about a potential pregnancy of the singer. Information that is dubious to suggest that Beyoncé is taking pills of folic acid, a vitamin used by pregnant women? She cancels a concert in Belgium? She hides her belly with a computer? She posts a photo of her with a jersey bearing the number 4 and his last name? A photograph of the singer taken during a secret concert the shows with a belly slightly rounded? It is sure and certain, and Queen B. is pregnant. Not a month goes by that his belly does not come to feed the imagination of the fans and the press people with non-events.

the other hand, it is interesting to note that the couple seems to be, by far, play the game and try to cause trouble. Jay-Z has changed the lyrics of a song in 2014 during a concert, to evoke a pregnancy. The following year, Beyoncé posted a photo of herself buried in the sand with a fake pregnant belly. Here again, one may think that, as in religion, symbols are looking all around around the halo generated by the stars. But the star and her husband were fully aware that their every action is dissected by the whole world.

in recent months, before the official announcement of the 1st February, Beyoncé and the internet were also at an intense part of the game of cat and mouse. While the rumours were good train since last summer (here or here), the singer has managed to control its image to regain control over the official announcement. In recent weeks, she has been more discreet than usual on his account Instagram, posting five content ten weeks, and the clips recently published on its YouTube channel have been shot several months ago. Finally, during his public appearances, or from other celebrities (with Mariah Carey or Hillary Clinton), his clothes seemed to be tailored to hide his belly, which was rounded. A round belly that she brings to the stage today and to assume full responsibility. The photo published on the 1st of February has been worked, such as during a fashion shoot, and many pictures have been made according to TMZ.

The stars and pregnancy

The story of the obsession for the belly of Beyoncé highlights a terrible trend in the world of international stars. The singer seems to have fully understood the fascination that his belly exercises and managed to control the ad in the face of the rumors. But he must know that any woman famous to be seen, also, constraint to manage day-to-day appetite monstrous of the tabloids and fans. Not a week passes without an actress or a singer discovered on the internet that she might be pregnant. This creates a pressure on the bodies of women, then objectifié: these rumours impose on the woman a calendar, and choices that should not be dependent on that of his own will. Thus, last summer, actress Jennifer Aniston admitted in an op-ed published on the Huffington Post his weariness in the face of the pressure of the tabloids who kept asking when she was going to have a child:

“We don’t need to be married or mothers to be accomplished. It is up to us to write, for ourselves, for our own version of”they married and had many children”.”

In an article written on the subject on, Nadia Daam wrote then that all the pressure “helps to give the battering on the essential freedom of choice to dispose of his body and affects little girls to want to become necessarily the mothers and wives”.


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